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This month we’re putting the spotlight on Holistic Bodywork Practitioner, Tahona Santana. She works with physical recovery, self-development, and massage therapy, and utilizes the Grinberg Method – a somatic bodywork approach which teaches body awareness and reconnection to one-self to achieve well-being and health. Tahona is also one of the founders of Mallorca Holistic, which offers retreats that provide therapeutic programs tailored to your personal needs. During the retreats you can benefit from acupuncture, holistic bodywork, massage, nutrition counselling, detox diets, and group workshops such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness or tai chi, to create an unforgettable experience.



Tell us a little bit about your work?

 I work with people who want to reconnect to their bodies and move towards the unknown, letting go of old structures, beliefs and patterns, whether they are physical or emotional. In a sort of somatic coaching, I use conversation and bodywork (touch, instructions, breathwork…) in the learning process with my clients, who make each time a step towards an increased level of self-awareness, deep trust and relaxation, self-respect and freedom from what does not serve them anymore.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Smashed banana mixed with lemon juice, linseed oil and chia seeds, topped with apple, brazil nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

What does your morning routine look like?

I put sananga (or other drops) regularly on my eyes when still in bed, just smoothly waking up and becoming aware of the new day to come, connecting to how I am feeling today. Then I go straight to drink some aloe vera (or a beverage like soaked linseeds with prunes) on an empty stomach (but only after I have cleaned my tongue).

My morning practise changes, I am not a routine person, though it always involves some kind of breathwork and some kind of meditation. Right now I am either chanting a mantra or doing Wim Hof breathing technique before meditating. But it could be stretching and breathwork…  Then I shower (with a cold blast at the end), breakfast, and before I leave the house, a nice dance with music that fits how I feel. It could be smooth Tierra Tan Solo (Marta Gómez) or energizing with Format B (techno).

On those happy days that I go super early to the seaside, I will do my morning practice there, while the sun is still rising, and get into the cold water (any time of the year) when the sun has warmed me up.

What is your number one health habit?

Breathing, always breathing. Quality time with friends and with myself (including tantric ways of self-connection and love). Then so many beautiful habits, such as cold swims (and showers) and definitely nutrition, very important. But I am not extreme, I just keep good habits in my daily life, respecting my body’s needs and the seasons (by no means any pre-selected diet) and I regularly cleanse my liver and fast in different ways.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Right now? Ghee with honey (or with anything, really!).

What’s one book or podcast you’d recommend everyone read/listen to?

Book: Mutant Message Down Under, Marlo Morgan
Podcast: Gabor Maté – The Mind/Body Connection

In Mallorca, where is your favourite place to:

  • De-stress: Delta Beach
  • Move: NAUA parties
  • Shop: Bonaire 15 (Binissalem)
  • Dine: Catalina La Fina (Santa Catalina)
  • Stay: Finca Son Artigues 

2 people holding hands during a massage

Instagram: @tahonasantana @mallorcaholistic_therapies


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