The Islander Business Memberships

The Islander Magazine is your number one marketing channel to laser target the professional yachting industry and its key decision makers

The Islander Business Memberships


✓ We put you in front of the yachting and expat audience.

✓ We empower you to engage and communicate with our audience.

✓ We make you a part of our audience.

Do you want your advert or article in The Islander Magazine?

For over 25 years, The Islander has offered businesses laser targetted exposure to the professional yachting community. Because our content and distribution points are carefully selected to reach this audience, you’ll be hard pressed to find another luxury yachting publication that reaches the key decisionmakers in the Yachting Industry at our rates.

Please find below our different Business Memberships. Each Business Membership includes your content in our printed issue as well as on our website.

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Business Membership

499 €

per bi-monthly issue – ex. VAT

✓ 1 year commitment

✓ 1/4 page advert in each of our 6 printed issues

✓ Unlimited branded content articles on

Business Membership

699 €

per bi-monthly issue – ex. VAT

✓ 1 year commitment

✓ 1/2 page advert in each of our 6 printed issues

✓ 1 page branded content in each of our 6 printed issues and on our website

✓ Unlimited branded content articles on 

Business Membership

999 €

per bi-monthly issue – ex. VAT

✓ 1 year commitment

✓ 1 full page advert in each of our 6 printed issues

✓ 2 pages branded content in each of our 6 printed issues and on our website

✓ Unlimited branded content articles on

Business Membership

1500 €

per bi-monthly issue – ex. VAT

✓ 1 year commitment

✓ 1 full page advert on premium position in each of our 6 printed issues.

✓ 3 pages branded content in each of our 6 printed issues and on our website

✓ Unlimited branded content articles on

The business membership runs for minimum 1 year after which it can be cancelled with 2 months notice emailed to

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Facts & Figures

The Islander Magazine

  • The number one magazine for the yachting industry in Spain.
  • English spoken with a global reach.
  • The platform for businesses of all sizes related to the world of pro crewed yachts.


  • Paper magazine: 18.000 readers
  • Print run: 6000 magazines
  • Website: 5000 unique monthly readers
  • Social media: 7000 reach per month

Distribution points

  • Distributed in strategically selected locations frequented by yachting professionals and yacht owners.
    • All ports of Mallorca 100+
    • Spanish mainland 50+
    • Antibes: Marina Office and IYCA (Yacht Club inside The Billionaires Quay)
  • The Islander is represented at every important European yacht show

Target group

  • The world of professionally crewed yachts
  • Yacht owners, industry professionals, yacht crew and other people related to the yachting.


  • 55% Industry Professionals
  • 40% Yacht Crew
  • 5% Yacht owners and Yachting enthusiasts

Our values

  • Informing, educating and entertaining with insider news from the yachting industry
  • Enhancing community
  • Aesthetic ‘luxury lifestyle and brands’

Some of our advertisers

Terms & Conditions

Important information

The Business Membership runs over a period of 12 months. It is however possible to advertise for 6 months or less, consult our sales person for the rates.

Payment terms

The first 2 issues are paid as a sign-up fee. After 4 months you will be charged bi-monthly, even if you roll over into the next year.

You legally agree to commit to a one year membership, thus you agree to the sign-up fee + 4 installments.

Cancellation policy

The subscription is for one year and will be automatically renewed. You will be notified in advance by us per email. It’s possible to cancel your membership subscription at the end of the 12 month billing period with minimum 2 months notice.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advertising options in the printed magazine?

The advertising options we offer are a ¼ page, half page, full page or spread (double page). Download the print specifications here.

Can I get an invoice for my Business Membership?

Yes, you will receive an invoice for your Business Membership. You did not receive it? Write an email to

What does it mean to publish unlimited online content?

All Business Members are allowed to deliver us their own articles to publish on our website. This is completely free. These articles should be written in the form of storytelling and in the third person, as if written by a journalist. This type of branded content, has proven to be a highly effective marketing tool. By telling the story behind your company, you connect people with your message and increase your brand awareness. To increase your online visibility it is recommended to use strong SEO titles and optimise the text for SEO. So you create the title, text and send it together with up to five photos and we’ll upload it on our website and share it on our Instagram and Facebook stories. Download the guidelines here.

What is a premium position?

Premium advert positions in the print and online magazine are the inside front cover through to page 6, the last 2 pages and the outside back cover.

How many printed editions of the magazine are there per year?

We print 6 editions of the magazine throughout the year. January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December.

What is the print run?

We print 6000 copies per issue.