The Islander Business Memberships

The Islander Business Memberships


✓ We put you in front of the yachting and expat audience.

✓ We empower you to engage and communicate with this audience.

✓ We make you a part of this audience.

Business Membership

220 €

per month – ex. VAT

✓ Access our private members area and engage with readers and other businesses

✓ Publish unlimited online content on to broaden your reach, reshare on your social media and improve your SEO.

✓ Offer deals and experiences exclusively to The Islander Members. Create immediate financial return and engage directly with your target audience.

✓ Special favourable rates for additional advertisement space in print and online magazine

Business Membership

330 €

per month – ex. VAT

✓ All Basic Business Membership benefits

✓ Half Page advert in 3 of 6 print and online magazine editions per year

✓ 1 Page branded content in 2 different editions of the print and online magazine

✓ + 2 Reader Memberships

Business Membership

440 €

per month – ex. VAT

✓ All Basic Business Membership Benefits

✓ Half page advert in each of the 6 print and online magazine editions per year

✓ 1 Page branded content in 4 different editions of the print and online magazine

✓ 1 Business promo post / month on our Social Media and in our Private Members Area

✓ + 2 Reader Memberships

Business Membership

880 €

per month – ex. VAT

✓ All Basic Business Membership benefits

✓ Full page advert in all 6 print and online magazine editions per year

✓ 2 Page branded content in all 6 editions of the print and online magazine

✓ 1 Business promo post / month on our Social Media and in our Private Members Area

✓ Platinum Bonus at any given month: advert in premium position in print and online magazine OR appointed as INIP host OR included in our email campaign OR promoted in our web banner

✓ + 4 Reader Memberships

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I loved it personally. Would be keen for more boat action. The beer at the end was a lovely addition.

Howard joined the Shogun Sea Trial giveaway, which was exclusive to our members.


Owner, Plant Shack

I really had a great time and would love to do it again.

Saloua joined the Shogun Sea Trial giveaway, which was exclusive to our members.


I’m a more islander life than boat person so the experience was amazing. Really appreciated.

Janine joined the Shogun Sea Trial giveaway, which was exclusive to our members.


Become part of our community

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the private members area?

The private members area is a private Instagram account that you can access as a reader or a business membership. As soon as you’ve signed up for your membership, you’ll receive an email to confirm your membership. Reply with your instagram handle and send a follow request to the instagram account so we can add you.

What is the Reader Membership?

The Reader Membership includes the following:

✓ Join a network of Islanders who consciously chose to work in Yachting and / or live under the sun!

✓  Free entry to our monthly INIP’s (Islander Networking & Inspiration Party) (Value 150€ / Year)

✓ Exclusive offers and invitations to events & experiences through our private members area

✓  Place and read job offers and other classifieds in our private members area

✓ Enjoy 20% discount on the printed magazine subscription and receive The Islander Magazine at home

  • Regular price: 60€ in Europe / 90€ outside of Europe
  • Members: 48€ in EU / 72€ outside EU

Value: 199 € per year


What does it mean to publish unlimited online content?

All Business Members are allowed to deliver us their own articles to publish on our website. This is completely free. These articles should be written in the form of storytelling and in the third person, as if written by a journalist. This type of branded content, has proven to be a highly effective marketing tool. By telling the story behind your company, you connect people with your message and increase your brand awareness. To increase your online visibility it is recommended to use strong SEO titles and optimise the text for SEO. So you create the title, text and send it together with up to five photos and we’ll upload it on our website and share it on our Instagram and Facebook stories. Download the guidelines here.

Which deals and experiences can I offer to the Islander Members?
  • You can organize an exclusive tour around your business premises so people can see the quality of work you deliver.
  • You can create a special offer such as a discount. This can create an immediate return on investment, earning your membership fee back.
What are the special favourable rates?

The discounted rates for additional advertising space in the printed and online magazine are:

o   50% for Platinum Business Members off our best current rate card price

o   40% for Gold Business Members off our best current rate card price

o   30% for Bronze Business Members off our best current rate card price

o   20% for Basic Business Members off our best current rate card price

What should I do to gift a reader membership to someone?

You buy the membership online through our sales page (link stripe) and you send an email to with the name, email address and Instagram handle of the new member.

How can I promote my business within the private membership?

Create a specific promotion which is exclusive to our members. This can be a special invitation to your event or a special offer.

When you have a special invitation or offer prepared, you present it to us via We will present it in the Private Member Area as a post with the applicable image and caption, both delivered to us by you.

e invitation or offer must be exclusive to Islander Members. If it is an invite to a publicly promoted event, there must be an exclusive benefit – such as a discount, an extra reward or special treatment – for Islander Members. Should you choose to repeat a similar action. E.g: 50% off our wellness sessions for Islanders. We maintain the right to limit your special offer / invitation to one post a month. This is to avoid the community profile to be swamped with daily promo posts from the same member.

Can I get an invoice for my Business Membership?

Yes, you will receive an invoice for your Business Membership. You did not receive it? Write an email to

What are the advertising options in the printed magazine?

The advertising options we offer are a ¼ page, half page, full page or spread (double page). Download the print specifications here.

How many printed editions of the magazine are there per year?

We print 6 editions of the magazine throughout the year. January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December.

What is the print run?

We print 6000 copies per issue.

What is a premium position?

Premium advert positions in the print and online magazine are the inside front cover through to page 6, the last 2 pages and the outside back cover.

What is an INIP?

Our monthly Islander Newtwork and Inspiration and Network Party (INIP) takes place on anders was het ININP every first working day of the month (except for July and August). This is a great opportunity to personally meet other business and reader members. and Obtain inspiration for the type of event, experience and special deal your business can offer. Jens and the team are always there and we’re full of creative and commercial ideas!

What does it mean to be an INIP host?

Hosting the INIP means you can place a roll up banner and/or TV screen and make a speech or presentation. All logistics involved are to be organised by the host. We send out and INIP invitation to all our (close to 2000) contacts in which we include a short blurb of the host.

How can I promote myself in The Islander email?

Our mailing campaigns go out to close to 2000 (and growing rapidly!) quality recipients

What is a web banner?

Our web banner consists of two banners:

  • A full-width banner on the top of our website, which is visible on every page of our website.
  • A vertical banner next (on desktop) or below (on mobile) every article on our website.

The web banner guarantees exposure and brand awareness of your business.

We have about 1500 visitors per week that see your banner multiple times surfing the website. Hoe willen mensen die hierin thuis zijn (op gepaste wijze) leren hoeveel bezoekers we hebben? ‘about’ zou ik no schrijven. eerder, more than or close to. 1500 is bv close to 2000 

The banner design is presented by you in the specifications that we give you in advance and it has a click-through to your website.

Terms & Conditions

Important information

The membership is strictly personal. The Islander partners, as well as The Islander Magazine team members are entitled to verify your identity.

Members will receive a payment confirmation and an invoice that confirms their membership. They also receive an Islander Memership Card.

Payment terms

The membership runs for minimum one year.

The first 3 months are paid as a sign-up fee. After 3 months you will be charged monthly, even if you roll over into the next year.

You legally agree to commit to a one year membership, thus you agree to the sign-up fee + 9 installments.

Cancellation policy

The subscription is for one year and will be automatically renewed. You will be notified in advance by us per email. It’s possible to cancel your membership subscription at the end of the 12 month billing period with minimum 2 months notice.