Terms & Conditions

The Islander Memberships

Important information

The membership is strictly personal. The Islander partners, as well as The Islander Magazine team members are entitled to verify your identity.

Members will receive a payment confirmation and an invoice that confirms their membership. They also receive an Islander Memership Card.

Payment terms

The membership runs for minimum one year.

For the Reader Membership:

You pay the full amount in one go for one year.

For the Business Memberships:

The first 3 months are paid as a sign-up fee. After 3 months you will be charged monthly, even if you roll over into the next year.

You legally agree to commit to a one year membership, thus you agree to the sign-up fee + 9 installments.

Cancellation policy

The subscription is for one year and will be automatically renewed. You will be notified in advance by us per email. It’s possible to cancel your membership subscription at the end of the 12 month billing period with minimum 2 months notice.