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Do you feel like contributing your knowledge, ideas or stories to The Islander Magazine?

Writing in a trade and lifestyle magazine such as The Islander can leverage your status as the expert in your field which, in turn, increases your commercial value. It can also simply bring joy to our readers and to you as a writer.

Let us know via press@theislander.net what you would like to write about.

Our Editorial Guidelines will help you gain an understanding of what we are looking for.


All editorial articles to be sent to press@theislander.net by the 10th. (Earlier is always better!)

ALL CONTENTS SHOULD ADDRESS owners of professionally crewed yachts and / or  PROFESSIONAL YACHT CREW (of any rank, experience level,

age, gender, nationality) anywhere in the world.


How to…. / 5 do’s and don’ts when… / What to look for when selecting… / How does…. work

/ Understanding… / Prevention of accidents


Rules and regulations on… / This new product changes the world by being… / Changes have

been made to… / New facilities at… / Luxury Lifestyle info


This season, the place to be in …. is… / The story of (yachting related person) / Thought

provoking opinions / Adventurous story


Announcement of yachting-related events/ celebrating a member of the yachting community

/ recap on events

We maintain the right to refuse any articles which do not meet with the above publishing



  • Sentences should vary in length with a maximum of 25 words
  • Accompanying images must be a minimum of 1Mb
  • Article should be spellchecked and proofed before submitting

We maintain the right to edit the article to meet the required word count (articles range

from a minimum of 200 words to a maximum 1500 words)

We recommend using software tools such as www.prowritingaid.com for improved spelling, grammar and readability.

It is not permitted to praise/sell/promote a service, product or brand in these articles.

We will, however, credit the writer, the company they represent and add contact details, including the URL.