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In This months edition we are going to be working on our lower body using some bodyweight exercises that can be done at home or onboard with minimal space and minimal equipment.

This month topic: Recovery

As important as it is to exercise, keep active and train, it is just as important to allow our bodies to recover.

By resting from training we are allowing our bodies to replenish lost energy stores and repair damaged tissues allowing the real training effect to take place. This also means we prevent injury, giving our body that time to recover and adapt to the the stress we put on it through exercise.

Just because it’s a rest day that doesn’t mean we have to sit around and do nothing, we can still be actively moving (NEAT) so for example do more chores around the house, gardening, going for a walk, cleaning, laundry… they all count.

If you really don’t want to stop training you can still do some exercise on your rest day but my advice would be to take out the normal level of intensity we are used to, imagine a car engine your turning it on, making sure it still runs but leaving it in tick over and not revving it to max capacity

Todays workout will consist of  4 exercises,you’ll complete 5 rounds in total and in each round you will up the reps by 5 starting the first round with 5 reps, so by round 5 you’ll be completing 25 reps on each exercise , this shouldn’t take longer than 20/25 minutes to complete.

So in summery:

  • 4 exercises
  • 5 rounds
  • 1st round 5 reps, add 5 reps each round
  • Minimal recovery between exercises

– 2 min (max) rest between rounds

Squat: from a standing position engage the core, push the hips back and keeping the weight in the heels drop down into a seated position, once held drive the force through the heels into an upright position again, this is 1 rep.

Squat Jump

Glute bridges: laying on your back hands to the side and legs tucked in push through the heels and drive the hips up and back towards the wall behind you, at the top squeeze the glutes and core, before coming back down into a laying position, this is one rep.

Glute Bridges

Jump lunges: Starting in a lunged position, one leg behind the other, back knee just off of the ground back straight and core engaged.From this position explode up into the air and swap the legs over landing in the reversed position and down into a lunge, this is one rep.

Jump Lunges

Regression: jump from a lunge into a neutral standing position before jumping back into the next lunge.

Donkey Kicks:on our hands and knees active the core and lift one leg off the ground, without tilting the hips too much lift that one leg back and up keeping the sole of the foot facing the ceiling (in each round complete reps on each leg )


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