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Welcome back to another session from BT23 Fitness. In this months issue we will be doing a Cardio session. All of the exercises this month can be done using just bodyweight, if you feel the need to make the exercises harder then you can add some weight where necessary if you have them.


Exercise is a great way to help us stay focused and motivated, Physical activity immediately boosts the brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels, all of which affect focus and attention.

After few good training sessions a week you’ll notice how much more productive you become, this leads to greater satisfaction in ourselves and helps boost our overall confidence.

Training isn’t as binary as make your self tired and loose weight, there are so many more benefits. Train hard and reap all the rewards from it!

The session is all about getting the heart rate up and burning some calories through some simple movements.

Overall there will be 5 exercises per round over 5 rounds, on each exercise we’ll complete 15 reps before moving onto the next exercise with minimal transition time.Once all 5 exercises are completed then you can rest but for nom longer than 2 minutes before we jump into the next round.

So in summery:

  • 5 exercises
  • 15 reps per exercise
  • No longer than 2 mins between rounds
  • 5 rounds

Squat Jumps

Squat jump: from a standing position engage the core, push the hips back and keeping the weight in the heels drop down into a seated position, once held drive the force through the heels jump up into the air and as you land control yourself back into that squatted position.


Mountain climbers: starting in a plank position, keeping the shoulders above the palms of our hands activate the core, we draw one knee forward and across to our opposite elbow, hold for a few seconds and then return back to the plank, repeat with the other leg, once you complete this with both legs you have completed 1 rep.


Walkouts: From a standing position we bring our hands to the ground and walk out into a plank position, hold for a second and the reverse the movement back into a standing position, make sure you are stood back upright before going into the next rep.


Plank Hops: Starting in a plank position keep feet together and hop to the left or right, try to get both knees to the outside of the elbow, straight away hop back to the  original plank position before hopping to the other side. 1 hop is 1 rep in this sequence.


High knees:running on the spot bring the knees as high as possible keep the core engaged and use the hands to help with the momentum of the movement.

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