Is farmed fish safer for you?

Studies that point to fish as a heart-healthy food are overshadowed by many studies that prove their consumption actually severely increases the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

Let’s talk about Farmed Fish and what does a farmed fish look like, we would all think that it looks very healthy because we can control it, not true! The fish live in giant circular cess pools where you have hundreds of times more fish in a constrained area other than what you would have in the ocean… in the wild. They are so weakened because they are taking in the feces of the other fish through their gills and trying to get oxygen out of that. Wherever there are large amounts of feces the oxygen goes down, so like you ,if you are not breathing well they breath deeper and get more fecal matter inside the bodies.Fish restricted area begin to fight creating wounds and sores so they have to pour in  antibiotics to the fish farms in order to heal the wounds.

A lot of people still choose to believe that eating farm-raised fish is much healthier than consuming fish caught in the wild, especial those from our sewer-dump oceans.

Their reasoning goes like this: because aquaculture ( also known as aqua farming)involves raising fish under controlled conditions, regulating both the fish environment and feed quality, there is less chance that farmed fish will be contaminated with the alarming range of toxins being measured in wild fish.

This belief constitutes one of the biggest prevailing myths about aquatic life and human health.

Salmon is one of the fastest growing of aqua-farmed fish and is being genetically modified for even faster growth and consequently gaining higher profits for aqua farms.

The romantic idea that we have of the eskimos that go out in their canoes and buy hand collect salmon is untrue because over 50% of all salmon comes from China’s cess pool fish farms and they are so sick and so anemic that a major common practice now is that they paint the salmon pink or red.

Aqua farmed fish are fed a diet of fish meal, fish oil, manufactured from fish waste products and smaller fish (remember the mad cow disease ?) caught in the wild, further depleting those reserves at a time when  75% of the worlds monitored fisheries in the wild are near or exceeding maximum sustainable yields.

Cramped fish farm conditions breed viruses, overcrowding typically occurs in fish farm pens, with that come the rapid proliferation and spread of viruses.

Have you ever though why the water in the fish farms is so dark?

While farmed fish don’t defecate more that those in the wild, cramped pens don’t allow the waste to dissipate as it would in a natural environment., this means that fish swim in their own feces.

A top oceanographic expert showed recently that the largest and most primitive areas of the planets water way are highly contaminated, they tested for 2.864 chemicals, there wasn’t one chemical that they tested was not in a whale’s body, that is nearly 3.000 chemicals! These are all in the so called pristine waters and wild life on our planet.

Do not relegate yourself to the masses of misled people who are unwittingly eating their way into hospitals and nursing homes. It is time we start to be kind to ourselves and our fellow creatures that inhabit the lands and waters that we all share. There is no debate that the most health-promoting and environmentally conscious way to live is through the consumption of a well-balanced vegan diet. Anyone who would deny this needs deep self-evaluation so they can ask them – selves the hard question of why they feel the need to destroy and control life for their own misguided pleasure. We petition you to become part of the human race and abandon the so-called norms that have created the catastrophic lifestyle that has all the earmarks to end life as we know it. Make decisions based on compassionate consciousness and you will always know what choice to make.

Beverley Pugh -Hippocrates Health Educator ,Raw Vegan Plant Based Chef, Coach & Instructor,Detox Expert,Private Consultations.Rebirther & Reflexologist.

With thanks and recognition to Brian & Ana Maria Clement directors of the Hippocrates Institute




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