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The US army now make trainees complete push ups with their chest going all the way to the floor and releasing their hands momentarily at the bottom. This is to ensure full range of motion or avoid the half push ups. This slows candidates down and the maximum number of push ups achievable.

What is your score for 2 minutes of hand release push ups ?

A good way to improve is to perform a 2 minute plank squeezing your pecs – 2 minutes of push ups directly and then repeated 2 minute plank ( activating your pecs once more )

Or use the tabata method – 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times.

WHATS ON MALLORCA: If you are here in August why not try the overnight walk from Palma to Lluc monastery ? Its open to everyone and takes around 8-13 hours depending. Total distance 42 kilometres

NUTRITIONAL TIP: Cherries are in season at the moment but hurry as they have a short season. Full of fibre and antioxidants they have a reputation as a good pain killer. Either way they are simply delicious. One cup is around 90 calories with a good source of vitamin C

NEWSFEED : Are you aging faster or slower than your actual age ?

What makes us age faster or slower ?

Telomeres, these are DNA–protein complexes that endow our chromosome

Telomere length shortens with age this progressive shortening affects our health and lifespan. Shorter telomeres have been associated with increased incidence of diseases, poor health and shortened life span.

The rate at which our telomeres shorten can be increased or decreased by specific lifestyle factors.

Factors which increase telomere length or slow the attrition rate:

-Good Nutrition

-Regular Exercise

-Happy and positive outlook on life

-Poor lifestyle choices like smoking, obesity and stress can all increase the rate at which they shorten.

Find out how to receive your personalised assessment , nutritional plan and block booking of training sessions to get you to your ideal body composition.

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