I am writing this from onboard a 90 meter super yacht, where I was asked to train the owners for three weeks in their luxury onboard gym. We are cruising around the Greek Islands and I am here to help mitigate waistline damages . Rich foods are in abundant supply of course so working with their nutrition is definitely challenging. They like their rich foods!


The crew work really hard and I am impressed by the amount of stairs they contend with on a daily basis, a minimum four flights between decks. Helping them out with an exercise program has not be on the cards purely because they are finishing their season and by all accounts it’s been a tough one, so they are all very tired.


Short bouts of exercise can help to keep you in the right head space for continuing your day in a healthy way and provides you with more energy to cope with the strains of the day. But it is hard when you are already feeling tired and the rule with working out is generally if you are tired, take some rest.




Try to keep active all day , walking up and down the decks , in and out of cabins, use the stairs and do whatever activity you can to keep active. Meal times tend to become the focal point of the day but try when you can to stall them. Ask someone to plate you up veggies or salad and proteins and if you can grab an avocado or some other source of healthy fat.

Try at all odds try to avoid the cookie cupboard. This will only make you feel worse and whilst you get that quick pick- me -up energy fix and comfort feeling- it will soon crash again and you will feel hungry again and miserable . Sugar also makes you hungry again quickly whilst protein and fat keep you satiated .

Try instead nuts , eggs, cottage cheese, avocado, full fat organic plain yogurt, some anchovies or some protein left over in the fridge.


Anchovies are a great source of omega 3 – whilst supplements are a great alternative , eating real food is always better. A daily source of omega 3 is must.

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