Diabetes,arthritis, heart disease and cancer are not something that I consider to ever appear in my life even though many people have this thought but it does not have to be for you.!

You can apply the statement that was made by Hippocrates around the year.460BC…… to your everyday life “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food”, this can be your own personal life insurance!

Going back to basics is the way to go even more so since OMS has given out some startling  world wide news that red processed meats and mixed assortment of sausages have a high cancer risk.

Making adjustments to your daily routine can be easy. This could help you to make your transition!

  • Rule nº 1 Start your day by having a green juice or green smoothie, this will help to flood your body with enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Breakfast- The experts say that this is the most important meal of the day! Veggie protein would be ideal i.e. quinoa porridge and seed & nut  home made“mylks” or why not book in for  one of my Beautiful Breakfast Workshops!
  • Lunch. A giant salad would be  the protein of your coice, choosing as many greens as possible sprinkled with lots of freshly cut herbs along with a seed pate for extra protein raw crackers and a  seaweed  of your choice for mineral supplement
  • Evening meal, should be taken as early as possible in order for elimination before going to sleep for the night this way it will also give your liver a chance to rest & cleanse overnight. A green smoothie could be the perfect choice and can be surprisingly filling and satisfying.

Choose one of these meals and begin slowly, if you need my help I am here for you!

Beverley Pugh.

Helping people to help themselves

Hippocrates Health Educator, Raw Food Chef & Coach

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