Screenshot 2015-09-29 18.56.40Training the race crew aboard the Wally Tilakkhana , in Porto Cervo, was an incredible experience. Working with some professional sailors and experienced yacht crew without actually knowing how to sail was an amazing opportunity for me.

Being out on the water was so exhilarating and I learnt a lot about yacht racing ¡. So thank you to the crew for inviting me onboard. ( especially the Captain Greg Butler-Davis )

Sadly our sailing results were not overly exceptional but it was only the second time we had worked together and we were competing against other very experienced teams .


I felt there is a real need to have a trainer aboard and we ( Katie Handyside SL ) would welcome putting together both nutritional plans and exercise routines for other race crew.


Focusing on high energy, nutrient dense foods that are easy to eat and satiating, our routines focused around core work, stretching and joint mobility exercises.


Prior to the regatta we can have you strong and energised – ready for action and to cope with the hauling of heavy and awkward sails, as well as being agile and able to cope with moving quickly in small spaces.


Having a morning ritual is a great team building exercise for the day – not just for sailboat crew but for any crew or organisation. Encouraging people to workout together creates positive energy and motivation for the rest of the day. The focus of the routine can be based around many activities – training for a group or company event, or simply working on counterbalancing sitting behind a desk for extended periods of time.


Thank you team S/Y Tilikkhana ( namely the Captain Greg Butler-Davis) – we will be rooting for you all in St Tropez. Best of luck.




  • Held straight arm plank 1 minute
  • Lower your body slowly to the floor tucking the elbows
  • Mini cobras ( pressing your hands into the floor gently curl your torso up off the floor , extending the torso up and back. 20 reps


  • Push yourself up into a straight arm plank:
  • Spiderman’s 20 reps

(same side knee comes round the outside of the body to the elbow )

  • Cross bodies 20 reps
  • The opposite knee comes underneath the body to the opposite elbow
  • Push ups 20 reps


Repeat this three times and finish off with some gentle stretching.

Cat and cows (hands and knees) flex and arch the spine

Downward dog.


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