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Mercier-Jones, founded in 2013 will become the first company to launch a supercar/hovercraft hybrid when it launches a limited edition run of 10 Supercraft later this month. Blending supercar stylings and performance with amphibious technology, the Supercraft will certainly turn some heads.

Inspired by elements of some of the world’s most revered supercars, the Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Gran Turismo and the Audi R8 you would be forgiven for mistaking the Supercraft for a land-based vehicle at a glance. On closer inspection, her large side thrust ports and unmistakable decking unveil the true nature of the beast.

The hovercraft is a hybrid air cushion vehicle capable of travelling on land, water, mud, snow or any number of other surfaces. Using a cushion of air beneath the hull that is marginally above atmospheric pressure the hovercraft produces lift as a result of the pressure differential. The air cushion is maintained within a reinforced flexible skirt, which gives the Supercraft ground clearance and multi-terrain versatility.

Tandem seating creates a unique appearance but also serves to optimise balance, comfort and handling. Side decks run along either flank and provide ease of access from motherships and moorings as well as additional seating when at low speeds or stationary. Lower hull decks and recessed side steps ensure access is easy from any surface.

A patent-pending directional control system will allow the Supercraft to manoeuvre in the forward, lateral and reverse directions. The hybrid electric drive train is also currently awaiting patent approval. A gasoline engine is used to generate electricity for the two independent electric motors of the drive system. A lithium-ion battery pack stores additional energy for short boosts in performance. 

At 4.5m long the Supercraft has a cruising speed of 40mph and a range of 120 miles. Additional options include GPS navigation, an audio system, heated seats, a custom trailer and an integrated winch.

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