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Welcome to our new column “Toy of the Month” sponsored by Nautiparts, the Water and Land Toy specialists here in Mallorca. Each month we will bring you an article featuring the latest water based toys which you can use either on board a Superyacht or just for fun on the beach.


The first in the series is the “Lampuga”, named after the Mallorcan local fish, which is a virtually silent electric jet engined surf board capable of speeds of up to 34 mph when planing in the right conditions. It is environmentally kind too, with zero emissions. It is manufactured in Germany by Sashay GmbH, ensuring top quality.

The board’s vital statistics are :

Length  8ft 5”

Width 2 ft 7”

Height 6”

Weight 86 lbs

The battery, lithium ion, will last up to around 30 minutes of continuous use, giving a range of around 12 miles with a  re- charging time of between 60 – 120 minutes.

Lampuga is ultra-safe too with an emergency stop in the case of a dismount. The deck has a very effective antislip surface and comfortable grip , providing excellent stability underfoot. The Lampuga is controlled by a steering belt which also carries the accelerator throttle. It is attached to the bow of the board, providing a secure connection and full control.

It is so simple to learn to ride the Lampuga, more or less anyone can master it in a matter of minutes. The jet engine allows for either a gentle cruise around the bay or a full blown hot blooded ride, take your pick !

The board comes delivered either in black or white with a transport bag, a separate bag for accessories, a 30A charging station, a maintenance kit and a user and technical manual. There is an option of a 60A charging station to speed up the re- charging process .

The price including the 30A charger is 15,400 euro in IVA



For further information contact :

Nauti Parts Shop

Port Adriano, Local C2.1

Urb El Toro S/N



Tel :    971 677 730       Mob : 610 708 167



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