The A-Team of Balearic Islands Marine Reserves

Marine reserves, who needs them?


A simple educated answer to that question is “We do, we all do.”



The benefits of Marine Projected Areas or MPA´s are quite simple to describe yet very complex in achieving. Benefits of well established, well managed and well monitored MPAs include:


1.      Protecting biodiversity

2.      Increases biomass

3.      Spillover

4.      Increase tourism


Without going into too much detail, protecting marine environments gives our local economy a sustainable supply of products and services that generate a sustainable income for local businesses. If you are interested in seeing a short video produced by National Geographic that explains very clearly these benefits then type this link into your browser,


So that’s the easy part, what about the complex path we must take to achieve this? What we need is a super experienced, super qualified and super passionate team of professionals to help us….Well here is one we established earlier!!


It is such a humbling pleasure to introduce you all to the Asociacion Ondine MPA working team, I hope you appreciate the scope of this team! I certainly do!


With over 150 years combined experience on MPA´s these people, together, are really the A-Team of Balearic Island Marine Reserves.


Pep – PhD in Marine Ecology, pioneer in Balearic Islands Marine Reserves

Mino – Marine Biologist, currently Environmental consultant, pioneer in Balearic Islands Marine Reserves.

Joan – PhD in Marine Biology, Senior researcher at the Spanish Oceanographic institute and a pioneer in Balearic Islands Marine Reserves

Miguel – Marine Biologist, currently Environmental consultant & extensive experience in MPA´s in the Mediterranean

Oli – Marine Biologist, currently in charge of policing team for local marine reserves

Oscar – Local business owner, technical, recreational and professional diver. Underwater photographer

Biel – Marine Biologist, Asociacion Ondine vice president with extensive experience monitoring MPAs in the Balearics

Brad – Local business owner and passionate diver, President Asociacion Ondine

Olga – Marine Biologist, current position in Oceanographic Institute & pioneer in Balearic Islands Marine Reserves

Diego – Marine biologist, current position in SOCIB (Balearic Islands Coastal Observing & Forecasting System)

The main objective of the MPA team is to create an efficient network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the Balearic Islands. Strategically planning by merging the financial benefits of healthy marine ecosystems, applied sciences and management strategies.


All I can say is watch this space…and check out our website for more details on our MPA team, our objectives and a possible new MPA for Mallorca! Ooops, did I just let the cat out of the bag?








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