Estela Shipping Press Release – Superyacht Show

Hi again Miguel, so how was the Superyacht Show for you at Estela Shipping?

It was fantastic event and a great success although the show is never over for us! We are constantly improving the way we operate to cope with the demands of each individual yacht and needs.

Due to our renowned reputation within the commercial industry we wanted to highlight our Superyacht Agency division and the exciting new opportunities that will be on offer to our clients this season.


What was the reaction of people who visited your stand at the show?

The reaction was brilliant. We are very much a ‘people’ company and I think with our stand being the most popular and busiest every day of the showproves exactly how creative and different we are. Captains, crew and other visitors commented to me about the ‘soul’ in our company which is down to the teamwork, understanding and bonding that we have developed in our office here in Palma.


We also had both the stand and some staff dressed from the 1850’s to celebrate our 165 years in business and we are very lucky to have such professional and generous partners who supplied us with delightful food and drink.I’d like to thank all our partners – delicious food and wine from Flanigans, Bunkers, Cook Comidas, L’ospite, Giovanni Gelato De Luxe, The Wines Garden,Lavazza coffee,  La Bomba Ice Cream, Gin Burger and Sur. Flowers from Flores Borneo and La Real; furniture from Art y AntiguedadesXarreque and Arte Volonta and entertainment from  Katmandu Park and Vanity Welcome, who provided our amazing opera singer Marcela. 



What was the reaction to your new Superyacht Tour Operator Concept?

It was very positive indeed. I think it is always nice to Captain’s to see something new and exciting being introduced to the market place, especially if it is something that can make their life a lot easier!


Knowing that a captain can rely on a trusted and respected team to organise activities and opportunities both on board and on shore for their guests and crew,  allows them to concentrate on other important aspects on running their yacht.


So what is the difference between the Tour Operator, your new Application and your Loyalty Card?

Our new Application is where our clients can have complete access to our ‘Tour Operator’ opportunities and also our vast provisioning lists, legal documentations, authorisations, training courses, car rental and much more.


The Estela Loyalty Card allows our clients to benefit from numerous discounts which include free agency fees, free port reservations, free car rental, free training services and di
scounts on fuel, oil and lubricants.



That does sound enticing! How can you manage to offer discounts on fuel and oil?

Well due to our years of work and reputation worldwide we were chosen by Shell Marine Oil to become their official distributor in the Balearic Islands. We have a constant stock on Shell products at extremely competitive prices with delivery directly to yachts.


As for the fuel, we have also been working with Termopetroli for a number of years and have a fantastic commercial agreement with them especially in Port Adriano and Colonia Sant Jordi.


However, due to our worldwide office locations and network contacts, we are also able to provide the best rates available for fuel in every major port around the globe.




It sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you!

Yes, we have some exciting months ahead of us especially this month as we are vigorously promoting a health and safety campaign to highlight the dangers that can happen on board yachts and in the water. A lot of people, not just in the yachting world, become complacent on health and safety and we have already performed our When Seconds Count project for a handful of superyachts about how to improve and manage the safe prevention of minor and major rescue incidents.

It is proving very popular especially as our Improvement Plan is completely free of charge!



Anything free is always good! And how are you settling in at your new office?

It’s great – far more convenient for both the staff and clients as we are now directly opposite Club de Mar and Marina Cuarentena.


We will be having a few events at our new offices this summer and they are sure to be as colourful as our stand at the Superyacht Show. However, from June 1st we will be offering FREE Lavazza coffee tasting every day at our office on Avenida Gabriel Roca, 37. All crew members are more than welcome!




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