Complete Marine Freight Save the Day for the Maxis and the Wallys Completeing in the Menorca Maxi Regatta


The most challenging aspect of shipping is when things out of anyone’s control change unexpectedly.


An example of this is the recent shipping of containers for the Maxi 72s and Wally Yachts to Menorca for a regatta.


All the arrangements had been made two months prior to the event but one month ago, the ferries changed their schedules.  These changes would not fit in with what clients were expecting and so we rearranged.


Then two weeks before the event, “Sorrento” the Balearic Ferry had a fire on board rendering it out of action and taking with it equipment which is limited on the islands. So once again everything had to be rethought.


After some logistical acrobats, Complete Marine Freight managed to supply enough vehicles to cover the event.  So everything was under control again until loading day as one of the supplier ferries booked, that could only take certain shipments due to height restrictions, had to be quickly rearranged. This was due to the fact that the vehicles had changed, as they were lost in the fire and therefore were not meeting the right characteristics to allow them to board on the arranged ship. CMF and made sure that all the containers where loaded and ready on board by 5am.


From there everything went smoothly and the containers arrived on time.


Lucy Shortland, Freight Forwarding Manager at Complete Marine Freight states


‘We always say ‘’Teamwork simply stated it is less me and more we’’. Good communication and planning between suppliers, clients and work colleagues made it all come together.’


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Note to Editors:


Complete Marine Freight is a freight forwarding and boat-shipping specialist with three offices based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Southampton, UK and most recently Hong Kong.


The company specialises in the transport of sailing yachts and motor yachts worldwide plus handles all movements by air, sea or road of all marine related equipment.


Complete Marine Freight work with people who are serious about yachting and selling yachts and boats worldwide. They are a small team who offer an incredibly personalised service.

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