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George Parkinson, formerly the founder and director of “Yacht Engineers” the specialized recruitment agency is now working with Futura Petrolium S.L. George is a sales representative specializing in Yacht Bunkering.  Futura Petrolium S.L. offers bunkering services worldwide. 


Being a Spanish company Futura Petrolium S.L. are a leading bunkering service in Spain and can offer excellent rates for yachts requiring large amounts of fuel. All commercially registered yachts will be able to take advantage of their commercial status and are able to bunker as a commercial vessel. This is with the exception of the Balearic Islands, where customs (Aduanas) does not recognize the commercial status for Yachts. However, as close as Denia on mainland Spain, Futura Petrolium S.L can bunker a commercially registered yacht at commercial prices.

Futura Petrolium S.L. is also specialized in bunkering in the Algerian port of Bejaia.

Bejaia is only 200NM from Palma de Mallorca, and as such the saving on fuel as compared to either Tunisia or Gibraltar is considerable. The quality of the fuel supplied is excellent, coming almost dircetly from the refinery, and the price is very competetive. In the past Algeria has been overlooked as a bunkering destination due to the very strict entry proceedures and complicated, extensive paperwork. Futura Petrolium S.L will take care of all of this beforehand, ensuring  fast, safe and reliable bunkering.

In addition to this, any yacht needing to exit the European Union will be issued with official customs clearance papers demonstating that the yacht has left the EU.

 Bejaia  is a very pleasant and secure port. The port is ISO certified and fully ISPS compliant.

For more information and to recieve an information pack contact:

George Parkinson

+34 609 707 873



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