Meet the crew – Sean Pendry

Interview by Melanie Winters

Interview by Melanie Winters

Sean ‘Pretty Boy’ Pendry is forty years old and originally from Manchester in the UK. He has been based in Mallorca since 1999. When Sean’s not busy winning professional boxing titles or becoming the next Stringfellow (all will be revealed) he spends his time working on motor yachts as a Bosun. Currently, in the south of France, he’s getting the boat ready for the season but has taken time out of his hectic schedule to share with us what it’s like to work as yacht crew!  

We start with the obvious question of why is Sean known as Pretty Boy…“It was a nickname I was given when I was professionally boxing. Luckily, my opponents didn’t want to hit me in the face, or I didn’t want to be hit in the face!” he laughs. “I guess going to work with a black eye would still be frowned upon in this industry where they’re still only just getting used to tattoos! And I have a few of those as well!”  

Before Sean dipped his toe into the waters of yachting, he worked in the hospitality industry as a barman and waiter working in some of the biggest clubs in Mallorca. However, Sean decided to leave the nightlife behind when he joined the St. Regis Hotel Group where, he tells me, he learnt so much more about the professional side of service. A move that stood him in good stead for his chosen future career.  

After learning this I was keen to know how he found himself in yachting.  Sean tells me, “I left the service industry to pursue my boxing career. I needed a flexible job that allowed me to train, so when I got offered a job in my brother’s yacht guardianage company, I jumped at the chance. That was my introduction to yachting!”  

Sean got his first gig at sea when one of the guardianage clients asked him to help on a month’s trip around the Balearics. “This is when I fell in love with the sea!” 

Sean’s first professional season was on board an 80ft, privately owned motor yacht as a sole deckhand/steward.  

The benefit of being trained on a smaller boat is that you get the opportunity to assist with many different jobs on board throughout all the departments! One day you’re working on deck, the next in the interior and I even did the odd stint in the galley! You certainly learn how the boat operates quickly!”  

His next gig was on a Mangusta 80 as sole deckhand. “This boat was different and some of my duties changed to include childminding and organising entertainment. As a dad myself, I loved spending time with the kids! Anything to get out of cleaning! Other duties also included security and chauffeuring guests around. I also helped out as wait staff in the owner’s private finca.” 

Sean continued working as a deckhand doing wash downs, moving boats to different ports, and shipyard work including general boat repairs, maintenance and polishing. Throughout the years, Sean tells me, he developed and perfected his skills and techniques, working alongside other industry professionals and product suppliers.  

“I became quite the expert at polishing, and this influenced a short period of my life, where I decided to leave yachting. I was also offered the opportunity to fight for the Balearic boxing title and belt which was another reason I decided to go land-based for a while.  

After working for the main suppliers of ceramic products in the Balearics, it reached a point where the directors of the company were satisfied that I had gained sufficient knowledge and skills to set up on my own.” 

Sean and his business partner Sebastian Martinez launched Polish Team Mediterraneo specialising in polishing and ceramic treatments with exclusive rights to supply and apply their ceramic treatment products. 

However, the call of the sea eventually became too strong to resist and Sean decided to go back to yachting. 

“After working in my own company, I was offered new positions on small privately owned yachts with some of my existing clients.” Sean finally returned to the sea in 2022 and continued as Boson on-board a 58m vessel cruising Italy and Greece. 

I asked Sean about the best aspects of working on a yacht. “Does everyone say the salary!?” he laughs, “Well that is a given, we do get paid well, which allows me to save for mine and my son’s future, but there’s no harm in having some fun along the way!”  

“I get the wonderful opportunity to work for fantastic families that treat me like one of their own. I’m lucky enough to visit places only the super-rich normally get to experience. Another plus point about my job in yachting is spending a great deal of time taking care of the owner’s children because as a big kid myself I thoroughly enjoy playing around, taking the kids out on the jet skis, skiing, wake-boarding and generally having fun at work!”   

He tells me that other highlights include travelling around the Balearic Islands and visiting various parts of Europe including Portugal, Croatia, Greece (his favourite destination), Italy, France and mainland Spain. The Caribbean is next on his bucket list. 

“Working in yachting brings many advantages to your life, so the good days help to combat the bad. But no matter what, it’s a job that has always exceeded all my expectations!”    

But it’s not always plain sailing onboard so I was interested to know what his low points have been. “Being a father and working away from home all the time means I don’t get to spend the quality time I want with my son, Ethan, who’s now nineteen. My hectic work schedule has also affected my boxing as I don’t have enough time to dedicate to my training!”   

So, what is Sean most proud of career-wise? “I think each year is an achievement. I continue to move forward and I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of securing a better position with more responsibility!” 

Sean also wants to share some exciting developments in his personal life. “My business partner Jari Haas and I have a financial stake in the night club Pure in Cala Major. In February 2023, Jari and I got together with John Mathiesen and his wife Kim (former owners of the legendary Zambezi nightclub in Palma) to host a Zambezi Club night supporting the charity Yachting Gives Back.”  

“Our first event was such a success (raising over €3,000 for YGB) that a decision was made to host another Zambezi event earlier this year, which was also a huge success, so watch this space for the next one!”  

I am curious to know whether he has hung up his boxing gloves for good. “Although I’m no longer competing professionally, I still love contact sport and I’ve now swapped the ring for a cage! I still train daily and feel like I’m still in good shape, but my days of competing to a high level are over…for now! It’s now time for my son Ethan to step into the ring. He loves boxing and is about to compete in his fourth amateur fight.” 

Before I call the interview to a close, I want to know what the future holds for Sean. “I’m hoping to complete my Yacht Master later this year so that I can work towards becoming a Captain!” 


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