Changemakers: Meet 5 innovators making waves in the yachting industry

Written by Marlot Cathalina

Written by Marlot Cathalina

Insights from the Sustainability Seminar at the Palma International Boat Show  

The 40th edition of the Palma International Boat Show announced their commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, by working on future certification as a sustainable event. Islander reporter Marlot Cathalina was eager to observe the Sustainability Corner, which, while modest, marked its very first appearance—a significant step forward that she was pleased to witness.

Additionally, there was the Sustainability Seminar. As part of the Palma Super Yacht Summit, the Sustainability Seminar took place on Friday, April 16th 2024 in the Port Centre. The Islander Magazine didn’t want to miss out on this chance to dive deeper into some fast-forward innovative solutions for a greener future. In this article, we’re taking you along as we present 5 changemakers in the yachting industry. 

Ethical Yacht Wear: Sustainable yacht crew uniform 

Ethical Yacht Wear is taking the lead by providing sustainable yacht wear and crew uniforms. Founder Lauren Wardley, who used to work on superyachts herself, only supplies uniforms made from recycled material or 100% organic cotton, coming from farms where toxic pesticides and pollutants don’t exist. A worthy cause, since regular cotton farms are significant polluters of our oceans.  

Ethical Yacht Wear doesn’t stop there. All of their clothing is Fair Trade and a part of their profit is given back to ocean cleaning and research. And of course, they never package their orders in plastic.

¨Innovative sustainable solutions are available. There is no reason to say no anymore.¨ Lauren Wardley, founder of Ethical Yacht Wear 

Nature Safe Marine: Sustainable Cleaning Solutions 

The products we use to keep our yachts fresh and shiny, often contain toxic chemicals that quietly slip into marine ecosystems, causing fast and unseen damage. NatureSafe Marine, found in Split, Croatia, offers a safe and eco-friendly way to clean yachts. With non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products, yacht owners and cleaning services can significantly reduce the negative impact of yacht cleaning on marine life, water quality, and ocean pollution. 

Novus motorbike: Lightweight e-motorbike 

Why design can change the world. Though a motorbike might not be the first thing you expect to see at a boat show, the innovative carbon frame wouldn’t be out of place on a yacht. The futuristic design represents a bold insight into the future of electric motorcycles.  

Water Without Waste: Sustainable & healthy drinking water solutions 

It all started with a survey back in 2018. Yacht captain Marja Kok researched that, with the majority of crew, yacht owners and guests using plastic water bottles, about 40 million liters of plastic bottled water was used every year on superyachts. The good news? She also found that 96% of the responding yachts were seriously willing to consider a more sustainable and healthier alternative. 

Water without Waste offers complete drinking water equipment to purify to the highest level and optionally chill and add bubbles to have as well chilled and sparkling purified drinking water on tap. This saves the planet substantial quantities of plastic waste and is a much healthier way of hydration than bottled water. Take a look at WwW’s Wall of Care to see which yachts banned plastic bottled water and drink water without waste. Are you next?

Trueworld: Technology, information and knowledge to drive global change

Anticipating the future with true data. The True World Organization makes use of science, technology and data-driven solutions to promote informed decision-making and collective action. Marco Mendoza advocates for a positive impact through the implementation of Blockchain and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (EAI), showing us the 3D Observatory to explore real-time data. Marco explains: ¨The planet as we know it is in an extremely precarious situation and the clock is ticking. Together, we can make a difference.¨ 


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