Yachting Gives Back’s list of achievements keeps growing!

Astonishingly, 2023 was Yachting Gives Back’s fifth year of operation and the team is pleased to report that the wonderful level of support from the Superyacht industry and the wider community has continued last year. As a result, YGB was able to deliver substantial support to the various local charities they work with. 

Major donations were received from Superyacht Charities UK, Green Valley School, two E3 cycling events, Radio One Mallorca, OmniAccess, two Estela Yachting movie nights, Hill Robinson, Izzy Newman’s Christmas carol singing event and the Gap Counselling’s annual football match against the Yachties. In addition, YGB continued to receive regular material donations delivered to their container in the STP shipyard. 

Yachting Gives Back were able to make regular deliveries of essential food, bedding, clothing, cleaning and hygiene products. Partly from material donations, but also from weekly shopping trips, funded by financial donations. Food donations were also collected from the 52 Super Series, Oyster Yachts and Contest Yachts regattas. 

The funds received also allowed YGB to provide substantial items. 

They installed a new electrical charging system and wheelchair platform for the brand-new minibus at the Siloe AIDS hospice. At the Can Gaza shelter ancient shutters were replaced and a new tumble dryer was installed. 

The financial donations also funded the invaluable work of the psychologist who helps Es Refugi residents prepare for a return to the workplace. Fifty-nine residents returned to work in 2023. Es Refugi was also provided with new ventilation fans.

The donations also funded a year’s apprenticeship at the Deixalles workshop in Palma. 

The Amar Ucrania family shelter received 5 sets of bunk beds and replaced two microwaves at the Llar Kurt shelter

YGB replaced two water heaters at the Llar Inge shelter from donations received in memory of Arjen Bouwmeester, who so kindly paid for the original hot water system. We, we 

They also repaired vehicles and replaced a whole range of other items helping the charities who lack the resources to handle these themselves. 

Special thanks go out STP Shipyard who not only provide the YGB container in their wonderful facility but also organised another very successful Christmas campaign collecting donations from the yachts in STP as well as their Port de Mallorca and Palma Cuarantena marinas. Thanks also to Planet Space who kindly donate a unit in their Marratxi facility where YGB keep a large supply of vacuum-packed bedding ready to respond to a request from any of the 6 shelters they support. Together, these residences provide a home for more than 170 people. So considerable volumes of items are required.   

YGB is led by Nick Entwisle, Anne Nielsen and Paddy Pigden.

Nick concludes:

“We are hugely grateful for all the support that we have received to date and are confident that, thanks to the generosity of our community, we may look forward to continuing to deliver, on your behalf, substantial assistance to many of the people most in need here in Mallorca. Thank you all!”



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