The first Balearic Superyacht Forum preceding PIBS

Balearic Marine Cluster and The Superyacht Group are pleased to announce the upcoming celebration of The Balearic Superyacht Forum in Palma de Mallorca on the 24th and 25th of April 2024.

The 24th and 25th of April are now dates to be marked on the calendars of industry professionals and yachting owners alike, as The Balearic Superyacht Forum (TBSF) lands in Palma. 

Over the span of two days, the main island of the Balearics is poised to emerge as the focal point of the Nautical industry. Attracting an array of attendees that include influential representatives from Management Companies, Brokerage Companies, Yacht Services, Refit Companies, Shipyards and Building Companies, Captains, as well as Decision Makers and Stakeholders in the sector, this event promises to be a dynamic gathering of key players.

The location: 

The Auditorium of Palma will provide the wonderful seaside presence overlooking the port of Palma. The venue has a central and convenient location, just a 10-minute journey from the Palma International Boat Show, which is celebrating its 40th edition during the same week. This arrangement offers attendees a unique opportunity to seamlessly engage in both events, offering a comprehensive experience. 

Moreover, the Auditorium is strategically positioned within a short walking distance from the city centre and the primary points of interest.

The attendees 

The Balearic Superyacht Forum welcomes industry professionals keen to contribute to shaping the future landscape of the Balearic Islands within the global superyacht community. Attendees will include representatives from major companies, yacht owners, and key decision-makers, ensuring diverse perspectives in the forum.

With a limited availability of 300 tickets, including a set aside for VIP Guests, this exclusive event promises to be a dynamic gathering of key players. 

Secure your spot now for an unparalleled opportunity to influence and engage in the future of the industry.

The programme: 

The Balearic Superyacht Forum comprises an extensive programme that encompasses diverse sessions and panels addressing key aspects of superyacht operations. Across this high-profile event, prominent speakers, pivotal figures in the industry, will participate in insightful debates, sharing perspectives on the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

The Forum revolves around two main themes: the Balearic Islands and Superyachts, each lending its name to a day of the event.

Day 1 The Balearic Islands Day: 

On Wednesday, 24th April, The Balearics Day will mark the grand opening of the Balearic Superyacht Forum.

The event begins with a deep dive into the Balearic Nautical sector, featuring a keynote address illuminating its current state. Through insightful comparisons to the global landscape and input from local and international stakeholders, attendees will gain a comprehensive view to navigate competitive challenges posed by other destinations.

Keeping the Balearic Islands as central stage, a captivating keynote presentation titled “Understanding the Real Balearics: Four Incredible Islands” will analyse each island’s unique attributes, emphasizing their collective appeal as a comprehensive yacht destination.

Networking is a must at this event, and attendees will participate in an interactive team-building activity, focused on the “Biomimicry process,” which aims to find disruptive solutions for global issues, drawing inspiration from processes and solutions found in nature. 

The day is not finished as attendees will have the opportunity to share their thoughts about this exciting first day and relax while enjoying one of the most breathtaking views of the bay of Palma at restaurant Varadero, where a cocktail will be held to end this great first day.

Day 2 The Superyacht Day: 

The second day, Thursday, 25th April will be held under the name The Superyacht Day. 

The first topic to be addressed will be “The future of the Refit industry”. Sector leaders will assess the upcoming opportunities and future challenges that Palma must face to attract major refit projects, keep its position in the international refit environment, and save its ever-evolving industry. 

The Sustainability and Environmental issues also find its place in the forum. “An industry roadmap to the SDGS”, will be analysed in this keynote, where the main Sustainable Development Goals will be discussed along with the different actions and commitments that the nautical sector is carrying out to achieve them.

The last speech of the day will be reserved for the new emerging companies, key in the development of a more competitive industry. In the “Blue startup pitching competition”, five meticulously chosen startups will present their projects and strategic plans to a panel of industry experts. 

As The Balearic Superyacht Forum ends, the Palma International Boat show kicks off. 

All the Forum Attendees will enjoy a VIP experience at the boat Show, so despite the end of the forum, the Balearic experience will go on for three days more. 

Who is behind TBSF: 

The Balearic Superyacht Forum is an initiative from Balearic Marine Cluster and The Superyacht Group, who jointly bring together this think tank experience to the center of the Mediterranean, Palma. 

This event is supported by the Institut d’Innovació de les Illes Balears, organizers of the Palma International Boat Show, and several private companies without which this event would not be possible. 

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