Improve your Power Efficiency On Board

Maybe you are looking to not having to run your generators for 24h?

Or maybe you are just looking to prolong the autonomy of your on-board battery bank?

Or would you like to propel your yacht electrically?

Invite PhoenixOne for a free onboard survey.

What will we do

We will come on board and have a talk with the captain, engineer or ETO to get an overall idea of how the yacht is using its available power onboard. What are you happy with? What are you unhappy with? Where could there be points of improvement?

We will have a look at your power distribution. What does your AC grid look like? What does your DC grid look like? How are they connected? How is power converted from one to the other?

What is powering your yacht? Does your yacht rely on a battery bank or do you constantly have to run a generator?

What are the yacht’s high-power consumers? For instance, the galley, warm water boilers and big hydraulic pumps and how often do they come on?

How is your energy being managed and monitored at the moment? Is it integrated with the alarm system or any other system? Are you happy with it, or is it horribly outdated?

Based on our findings, we will come up with a proposal to retrofit what you have on board to a new technologically up to date system meeting your wishes.

For example: the case of SY Acaia

On Acaia we have replaced the traditional lead acid battery bank for a much energy denser bank made out of 14x LiFePO4 (or LFP) batteries. This type of Lithium battery shows the best compromise between energy density and safety.

Dropping the battery bank’s weight from 1500 kg to 560 kg and at the same time increasing its storage from about 20 to 80 kWh turned out to be a massive improvement in both weight and stored energy.

Now Acaia can enjoy silence like never before, having dinner or a swim without generator noise nor fumes. Have a peaceful sleep all night with the air conditioning on, not being bothered by a generator.

The monitoring and control system can be set to top up the battery bank during suitable hours when it is less disturbing.

In the case of SY Galaxy

This 23m aluminium ketch from 1979 needed to be retrofitted in a way to have ZERO emissions. Two battery banks of 16 batteries each, using the same safe LFP batteries, were fitted. The old 800 kg Volvo Penta diesel was removed and replaced with a more powerful 50 kg electric motor, reduction gear and thrust bearing assembly. The yacht can now be propelled for hours in a row at a cruising speed of 7 knots. And when under sail, the free spinning propellor will keep the batteries topped up.


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