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The Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 Yacht: A Highlight at Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows

In a world where luxury often seems reserved for a select few, Meros is setting sail to transform that perception. This year, they proudly unveiled their third yacht and their new flagship, the Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 Yacht. Now welcoming clients and brokers from every corner of the world, Meros aims to showcase not just the 95, but an ethos that redefines luxury with inclusivity and sustainability at its core.

The Sunseeker 95 Yacht: A Floating Masterpiece

The Sunseeker 95 Yacht is the epitome of elegance and performance. With its sleek lines, luxurious interiors, and state-of-the-art amenities, it offers an indulgent escape into the realm of nautical luxury. The yacht is designed to provide an unforgettable experience for its co-owners.

A Glimpse into Meros Yachtsharing: Redefining Luxury Access

The essence of Meros lies in their unique approach to Yachtsharing. Realised in 2018 with the aim to make the world of yachting more accessible whilst redefining how people approach yacht ownership. They have rivalled market leaders and stimulated positive change in the industry.  By introducing the Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 Yacht, the first of her kind, Meros aims to paint a new picture of ownership – one where the power of a collective can be enjoyed by the individual, without compromise in luxury or quality.

A Diverse Offering, a Unique Experience

Meros doesn’t simply deal in yacht access; they deal in crafting experiences. With the Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 Yacht, they’re not just offering a luxurious vessel; they’re offering a lifestyle. 

But what truly sets Meros apart in this sea of maritime options?

Affordable Luxury: Meros Flex Share participants can indulge in the luxury of the Sunseeker 95 Yacht without the hefty price tag associated with sole ownership. An annual fixed cost of 240,000 + VAT opens 6 weeks onboard their newest yacht.

Flexible Usage: The structure of the ownership means that owners can add weeks throughout the year, to increase their time onboard or reduce their weeks if busy by being able to offer these to charter directly reducing their annual costs – being true to the name, the Flexshare champions the flexibility needed by most.

Professional Management: Meros takes care of all the operational aspects, including crew, maintenance, and management, ensuring a hassle-free yachting experience.

Destinations and Expansion: Explore the Mediterranean’s most breath-taking coastlines and harbours as the Sunseeker 95 Yacht cruises through various stunning destinations from the white sands of Ibiza to the busy city of Monaco. Meros will add yachts to the company benefitting the co-owners experience by increasing their opportunity. They are able to swap weeks not just with each other but between different yachts in different locations across the Meros fleet

Exclusive Events: Gain access to a curated calendar of exclusive events and experiences that showcase the best of yachting lifestyle e.g Monaco GP and White Turf.

Sustainability : E-Fuel Usage

One of the standout features of the Sunseeker 95 Yacht, and a testament to Meros Flex Share’s commitment to sustainability, is its use of HVO 100 (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel. HVO is a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel fuel and it significantly reduces CO2 emissions. By running on HVO fuel, the Sunseeker 95 Yacht demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to luxury yachting that aligns with eco-conscious values.

An Invitation to Explore: Festival de Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows

As the curtains rise on the Cannes and Monaco Boat shows, Meros extends an open invitation to all. This isn’t just about observing a yacht; it’s about experiencing a new way of embracing luxury and forging connections. These events offer a glimpse into the heart of Meros’ philosophy – a philosophy that revolves around making luxury yachting a shared and sustainable dream.

In the midst of the glitz and glamour, Meros is steering the course towards a fresh horizon. The Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 Yacht isn’t just a vessel; it’s a symbol of a novel era in yachting where luxury becomes attainable, and sailing becomes an experience meant to be shared by all.

Please reserve your ticket under 

Puerto Portals, Local 10,

 07181 Caliva, 

Mallorca, Spain


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