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Spain, a truly versatile destination, beckons yachts not only during the vibrant summer months but also throughout the enchanting winter season. As the temperatures drop, the country remains a haven for superyachts, earning high acclaim for its bustling refit season. Numerous marinas and shipyards become home to yacht berths, setting the stage for the next upcoming (yachting) season. 

Embracing this maritime spirit, our winter season services at Evolution Yacht Agents encompass everything from TPA’s with VAT-exempt refit, B1B2 visas for the upcoming Caribbean season, various crew entertainment services, and an extensive range of contacts for contractors and spares. With a solid commitment to excellence, we take pride in keeping busy during the Spanish winter months, ensuring a hassle-free season for yacht crew and captains. 

Reliable and efficient shipyards such as MB92 (Barcelona), STP & Astilleros de Mallorca (Mallorca), Port Tarraco Works (Tarragona), Pendennis (Vilanova), Varadero Valencia (Valencia) and Navantia (Cartagena) are great options for your winter refit in Spain. The refit period is an important yearly procedure for every vessel, especially superyachts, therefore, it is essential to make sure the timing is not overrun and that there are no unexpected costs ahead. Choosing the right shipyard and yacht agency is a necessity that can certainly not be overlooked.

Evolution has various in-house specialists that take care of your superyacht’s TPA with VAT-exempt refit, including a customs broker, allowing us to provide yacht services with no intermediaries. With over 460 successfully processed TPA’s throughout the last years (Inward Processing), we assist the yacht during the clearance, customs, and refit procedures in terms of management and accountability. 

If you have yet to administer your B1B2 visa, we recommend you process it soon, for the upcoming Caribbean season. We are here to assist you to schedule your B1B2 appointment, processing your application, or providing guidance from start to finish. The process is performed in any of the U.S. embassies worldwide, which allows its holders to enter U.S. waters for periods of up to 6 months at a time, valid for up to 10 years. Despite the B1B2, get set for the Caribbean season with a stock of fresh and high-quality provisions, unique interior items, and affordable bunkering options to enjoy a seamless journey with Evolution.

Choose Evolution for your crew’s entertainment while moored in Spain. Following an eventful summer season filled with countless responsibilities on board, yacht crew deserve some well-earned time to indulge in leisure and entertainment. Our highly knowledgeable concierge team possesses comprehensive expertise in all Spanish destinations, enabling us to provide an extensive array of activities and products. As yacht agents, we are here to guarantee your stay in Spain is the ultimate experience for you and your crew. 

Winters in Spain can surely be a breeze with our extensive network of contractors and spares providing the best quality yacht maintenance and reparation services, our services for B1B2 visas, crew entertainment, TPA services, and our local expertise on the selected Spanish shipyards. Our team is familiar with the complexities of the Spanish system while making sure that all TPA invoices and services fully comply with the current Spanish fiscal and customs requirements and we are happy to liaise with the Spanish authorities as your Customs agents. 

Consider Spain as a refit destination in the winter and leave all the hard work to Evolution, your trusted yacht agents with in-depth knowledge of the superyacht industry, with a professional network of local professionals and suppliers to meet your demands. An agency that loves Spain, loves the sea, and loves yachting. We are experts in our field and that makes all the difference. 

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