HVO Hits Mallorca

Mallorca-based Sunseeker 95 sets a new standard in yachting with eco-friendly fuel usage

The Blue Infinity One yacht has successfully trialled biofuel, garnering positive feedback from both clients and industry professionals.

In a ground-breaking move towards sustainable yachting, the company behind the Blue Infinity One yacht have embarked on a series of tests to assess the viability of HVO 100. The initial results have been met with resounding praise from their clients, who appreciate the vessel’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

The Blue Infinity One, a flagship offering from Meros Yachting, is a Mallorca-based Sunseeker 95 available for shared ownership. Distinguishing itself from other yachts in its class, the vessel boasts a three-level master suite on the main deck, five staterooms, and a range of tailored design features, including a hot tub and toy stowage on the upper deck. However, what truly sets it apart is its approval for the use of synthetic fuels, a collaborative effort between Meros, Sunseeker, and Rolls Royce, the manufacturer of its MTU engines. These industry leaders have been actively seeking low-CO2 or CO2-neutral fuel alternatives, and the Blue Infinity One serves as a pioneer in their efforts.

Specifically, the yacht has been utilising Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil (HVO), also known as low-CO2 HVO, sourced from Repsol. Under the command of Captain Carlos Julia Dalmau, the Blue Infinity One commenced its trial runs in May, embarking on a 350-nautical-mile journey from Monaco to Mallorca, Spain. The choice of Monaco as the starting point was deliberate, as the principality places a high priority on environmental protection and sustainability.

Captain Dalmau reveals that “while overall fuel efficiency has experienced a slight reduction, the overall performance of the yacht remains indistinguishable from that of conventional fossil fuel usage. Furthermore, it [HVO fuel] operates at lower temperatures, resulting in reduced engine noise and significantly diminished soot and exhaust smells. The cleanliness of the yacht has notably improved, making maintenance and upkeep far more manageable.”

The positive feedback from both the Blue Infinity One yacht co-owners and guests has cemented the decision to continue using HVO throughout the summer season. Meros, in collaboration with supporting suppliers aims to further expand the available supply of synthetic fuels while implementing the current utilisation of Repsol’s HVO 100 they have already lead to an impressive reduction of CO2 emissions ranging from 65 to 90 percent, Meros looks to source additional environmental measures to reduce its CO2 footprint by an additional 10 percent in the coming years.

The success of the Blue Infinity One’s trials mark a significant milestone in the yachting industry’s pursuit of sustainable practices. As more owners and crews express eagerness to explore eco-friendly options, the integration of synthetic fuels into luxury yachts is poised to revolutionise the way vessels operate, reducing their environmental impact while providing an unforgettable experience for passengers.


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