Meet The Crew – Lieze Muller, Chief Stewardess

Written by Melanie Winters 

Photos by Lieze Muller

Written by Melanie Winters 

Photos by Lieze Muller

What did you do before yachting and how did your yachting career first begin?  

After University I went straight to work on cruise ships and stayed there for 10 years.  Yachting was the next level up. I have two brothers who are also in the industry, so it came naturally for me.  

What has been your favourite boat you’ve worked on and why? 

I have been on one yacht since starting in the industry. She is a great yacht in the water that glides smoothly and reaches a comfortable 10 knots easily. The people you work with always make or break a contract and I am so lucky to have the most amazing boss and fellow crew, and that is enough to make it my favourite boat.  

What are the best and worst parts about working on-board? 

There are so many good things about working onboard, including travelling, seeing beautiful places, meeting people and making money. But for me my absolute favourite part has to be the sunsets we get to see…they just never get old. Each seems to be different to the next, and they seem to make you feel so thankful for having a life so exciting and adventurous.  

How do you keep sane on charter? 

It’s not always easy to find time to get off the boat during charter so my go to is always Yoga. During the night stargazing is perfect when you are stuck on the boat but would love to connect with nature. When I have time to get off I go for a hike or run or just visit a local beach for sunbathing, supping and swimming.  

What are your best strategies for spoiling charter guests?  

The ultimate spoil for me is making sure towels and bathmats are always fresh. This is a big one. It’s not always possible to wash daily so some days I make sure to tumble dry them so they smell fresh and are nice and fluffy. Some people shower several times a day, so I would need to do this a few times a day to make sure they feel extra spoilt. 

What’s the coolest thing you have done for guests? 

Although it doesn’t seem like much, finding time even just to wash hair some days is hard. So, finding the time during busy charters to make the guests some of my signature date balls to take home after a charter is definitely special. That’s if the crew have not finished them first…They are such a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves them as they are tasty and guilt free…  

What is your signature cocktail? 

I am known as the best Bloody Mary maker…EVER!!! 

What is your favourite yachting destination? 

I don’t have a favourite destination. I love exploring anywhere I go. But somewhere I would still love to go is the Pacific islands… 

If you owned a superyacht, what would you do differently? 

Not much differently actually. I would still travel the world and would probably still clean the boat myself… the only difference would be that I would not have to work for someone else. 

What is your on-board pet hate?  

Men leaving the toilet seat up. 

What career achievement are you most proud of? 

Being able to work in the hospitality and service department for over a decade. It’s not always easy but can be very fulfilling as you meet such diverse people.  

Best housekeeping tip/hack? 

Setting the table for breakfast at night after guests have gone to bed! It saves time the next morning and gives me a few minutes’ more sleep. 

Tell us about your funniest embarrassing moment on board. 

One day I asked the crew what the black sheet in the bathroom was for. They laughed and said that it was the blackout for the window! This black screen/sheet had been in the shower every single day and was positioned just under the window but not covering it. I had been looking straight at it every day for over a month not realising however, that I had been showering with everyone being able to see me through the window! I had assumed it was a one-way window where only I can see out…to my dismay it wasn’t…Safe to say it was quite embarrassing and I could never forget that moment! 

What’s your favourite adventure in Mallorca? 

Anything outdoors…hiking, biking, walking around.  

If you could give your 20-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?  

Travel as much as you can as long as you can…collect memories not things. 

What’s your plan for the future? 

Stay in the industry as long as possible. I would like to have my own business…something in the health department like a yoga instructor, massage therapist, vegan restaurant owner or health consultant. And most definitely a lot of travelling.  


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