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Did you now the vegas nerve is the longest nerve in the autoimmune system ?

Its role in the body is often underestimated.

Its name is derived from the latin ´to wander´as its chief role in the body is to scan every nerve and organ from your brain to your liver, heart and lungs and stomach reporting back any irregularities and creating a response to deal with these abnormalities

Optimising the function of your vegas nerve can help to enhance not only the longevity of your body but also improve your sports and health performance. More energy, clearer thinking , enhanced memory etc

A stronger vegus nerve means the communication between it and your body is more effective – abnormalities are quickly spotted and resolved

So how do you enhance the optimisation of the vegas nerve ?

Did you ever wonder why walking barefoot in the sand felt so good ? The sound of running water like the sea or waterfalls was conducive to calm and the invigoration of swimming in cold water or even swimming in water ? Deep breathing and meditation, singing and humming – all activate the vegus nerve and therefore make it stronger , optimising its performance and keeping us healthier and happier.




Outside training is a great way to help to optimise your vegus nerve ! Working out in nature.

Or reserve your training spot and have your exercise session delivered to your boat. Where ever you are on the island. We can do a workout on board , on the dock or else meet at a beach or location convenient to your docking.

Get the whole crew involved in a team building activity – a workout , a road biking trip or excursion. Or else set some personal goals and organise a one on one training session for your self , your partner or colleague. Owners also appreciate a morning session with a trainer to set them up for the day.

If your bored with the sweat box of a gym or you don t have time to get to a workout then get in touch to reserve a spot where all you need to do is appear!

I am completely mobile and happy to come to you.

No excuse not to get healthier and happier this summer.


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