Walk of the month July: Torrent de Pareis

This is a difficult and potentially dangerous hike – one of the most difficult on the island and it is not for the faint-hearted! In fact it is not so much a hike as an obstacle course, as there are massive boulders to negotiate, slither down and between, and some light abseiling is required in some sections.

You need to be fit and well equipped, and prepared for adventure. With all this in mind, this trek is a stunning and unforgettable experience!

We set off from Escorca, starting with a gentle descent with lovely views of Puig Roig ahead of us, and already we see the beginnings of the dramatic canyon through which the torrent de Pareis runs. We zigzag down into the torrent floor and soon come to a junction of 2 canyons; Torrent de Lluc and Torrent de Gorg Blau (famous for its difficult canyoning part “Sa Fosca”) from where we follow the path of the torrent de Pareis that actually starts at this junction.

From here, most of the route involves finding a way through and over the impressive boulders and rock formations that form the bed of the torrent. At times this is tricky and sometimes requires a leap of faith. Occasionally we get a reprieve and the riverbed is flat and smooth but not for long…. and all the while the canyon narrows into an ever more dramatic gorge, with towering cliffs almost touching each other overhead. The flora and the fauna is very special in this torrent as it has always been and still is – a small separate piece of Paradise. It is not unusual to spot wild goats and endemic orchids.

It is tough going but very rewarding, and a swim has never been so welcome when we finally reach the mouth of the gorge at Sa Calobra!


An excellent challenging hike with lots of variety, funny scrambling and a fabulous little stony cove at the end.

Facts about this walk:
• Duration: 5hrs (breaks not included).
• Lenght: Approximately 8km.
• Difference in altitude: 600m descending.
• Difficulty level: Difficult.

Please contact us for more info and more available walks:

Tel: +34 699 906 009 www.mallorcahiking.com www.facebook.com/mallorcahiking

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