M/Y Mirage ended its refit at STP Shipyard Palma after three years of works

In 2012 started the first phase of its refit plan, and each Winter began a new

7 month period of refit

They choose STP Shipyard Palma for its location, good airplane connections, and mostly because they desired to freely choose the team to carry out this extensive proyect, and STP in one of the few technical areas which allows it.

Palma, 26th of June of 2015.

A few weeks ago, M/Y Mirage ended the third phase of its great refit initiated three years ago, and they have celebrate it with a big barbecue for all workers and Friends of STP Shipyard Palma, as well as the companies which have collaborated in this mega Project sinde the year 2012.

During the last three Winters, M/Y Mirage has gone through a complete remodeling with a new interior, crew area, housing, communications mast, the bridge, the engine room, and various exterior paint jobs. In winter of 2012 began the first stage of its refit plan starting with the election of STP as the ideal technical area for the repairs needed. The reasons were many and in addition to the location and good airplane connections, M/Y Mirage freely choose the team to carry out this extensive Project, and STP is one of the few technical areas that allows it. A great list of experts from around the world were specially chosen for their expertise in particular fields to participate in those works.

M/Y Mirage has seen great changes in the last three years. Each Winter began a new repairing phase which lasted 7 months so it’s owner could sail and enjoy the boat during summer. The first phase the sky lounge was redesign, crew area and the main living area as well as a partial replacement of the electrical system from 110V to 240V; all of them tasks performed by the company Design Unlimited from UK.

In the second winter, ETY ended with the total renovation of the wiring of the boat, Ideaworks was the company that handled the audiovisual system and communication system; Oldenburger substituted lower decks of the six guest cabins, bathrooms, main deck and the cabin for VIP guests and the main cabin. With the design of DeVoogt and Ignacio Recalde of Inabal it was completely renovated the engine room, rebuilding generators, stabilizers, pipes and systems.

The third phase began in September of 2014, and as they had planned for the month of May, they have finished with this great project to conclude the renovation of the bridge, the captain’s cabin, the radio room, the renovation of the communications mast, full paint job, the installation of new engines, jacuzzi and bow thruster.

In the words of Paul Madeley, Project Manager who oversaw all work carried out on M/Y Mirage, “it is a renewal of 90% of the boat” has been changed and renovated the entire interior, the mechanical part, as well as electrical and hydraulic; “Probably one of the most important refits that have been carried out at the premises of STP in recent years.”

One of the most interesting aspects of the entire remodeling project has been the work done in the engine room. Thanks to a study of the noise and vibration of M/Y Mirage, it was shown that some improvements were needed, and for this reason experts decided to completely empty the whole room and placing an insulating cover and create a room prior to the engine room, to isolate the noise and vibration at máximum. Except engines and gearbox, the engine room was wholly rebuilt.

To remove and replace some of the larger equipment pieces such as speed stabilizers, processing plant and generators was necessary to cut the hull. “It’s a very complex maneuver that could destabilize the boat,” explains Joaquín Castro, Project Manager of the work done by Astilleros de Mallorca and part of the team involved in this refit. Astilleros team was also responsible for developing the new communications mast for M/Y Mirage, with a more modern design that gives it freshness and hosts the array of antennas required by the bridge. The refurbishment of this boat “has been a challenge from the beginning to the end because there have been many changes from day to day.”

In the evolution of the Mirage, changes are part of its history because since it was launched for the first time as Daria by Feadship shipyard in 1979, it changed its name to Wedge One, Avante IV and Elizabeth F and finally is called Mirage. Another feature of the boat is that eight years ago was subjected to a process to extend its length by 5 meters, from 48 to its current 53 meters.

The boat can accommodate 12 guests, distributed in 8 cabins, among which is to highlight the main cabin, one VIP cabin, 2 doubles and 4 doubles. There are also 16 crew members dedicated to different activities: 2 captains, 2 engineers, 5 crew on deck: first mate, boatswain and three sailors including a diving instructor; chefs, 5 interior crew: chief stewardess, second Stewardess, and three more including masseuse and beautician. The crew adapts to the needs of each guest. In addition, as entertainment at sea, the boat is equipped with many aquatic entertainment options, each one more attractive than the other one: kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis, diving and snorkeling equipment, and all kinds of water toys.

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