Marina Port Vell

Overview of Marina Port Vell

Marina Port Vell was built in 1991 and inaugurated in July 1992 for the celebration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. It has, and will continue to be, an exceptional home port for owners and crew alike.

It was the first marina in Catalonia with moorings for large boats. Many yachts up to 130 meters in length have been moored in Marina Port Vell since its inauguration. The marina has a total area of 31,444 m2 mooring.


The transformation of Marina Port Vell includes an upgrade of current facilities and the development of new buildings to position it as a leading marina in the Mediterranean with five star services and facilities to accommodate all types of yachts visiting and/or with permanent home berths in Barcelona.

Marina Port Vell’s Unique Appeal

The unique appeal of Marina Port Vell is that it is a natural harbour with a spectacular location: the marina is in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities. The city and its surroundings can cater for all guests and provide culture, architecture, history, golf and skiing.  The benefits of the city allow for yachts of all sizes to use the port as a home or wintering destination and easily access the neighbouring shipyards for work of any spectrum. 

Barcelona was recently named the “Best Beach City in the World” by National Geographic and the “Second Best City in The World to Visit” by US News Travel.  Within one day’s sail, one can reach any of the Balearic Islands and Monaco. 

Barcelona also has excellent infrastructure, an international airport only 25 minutes away and helipad. Combined with the Marina’s concierge services—reception, city information, leisure facilities, multi-lingual staff, travel, customs and transfer arrangements—all ensure that every marina guest will be back again and again.


•Marina Port Vell will provide 162 berths from 10m to 180m with the highest demand expected in the 60m-90m range. Five star concierge services, a clubhouse and restaurant, fully serviced business offices and meeting rooms, a gym and spa rooms, captain and crew amenities, well planned security arrangements and the most innovative marina technologies available will ensure facilities will meet the standards of owners, their guests and crew alike. The close proximity of MB’92 and Pinmar further cements Marina Port Vell’s appeal as a home port benefiting from the advantages of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster (BNC). 

•Environmental considerations are of paramount importance including high tech water and waste management systems. The marina will provide electrical operations designed to reduce emissions and noise pollution.

•To achieve a sympathetic and holistic approach to yachting and destination markets, we undertook comprehensive research to have the transformed facility exceed expectations of yachtsmen—and their families and friends—as well as needs of superyacht captains and crew. 

•Given that the marina is in the heart of the city, it is of vital importance that we have and continue to work together with the city council in order to fulfill marina design that ensures absolute integration with the city’s character and culture. 

The Benefits to the Local Community 

The transformed Marina Port Vell has significant direct economic, aesthetic and Catalonian community impact.

The economic impact on the city of Barcelona is projected as an increased revenue benefit to the local economy from 50 to 300 million Euros a year and the generation of 500 direct jobs.  According to the Spanish Association of Super Yachts, large yacht owners and their guests spend three times the average expenditure of the typical nautical tourist and spend six times more than the average of the land-based tourist. Estimates are that yachtsmen spend upwards of 450 Euros per day in destinations like Barcelona.

Marina Port Vell envisions attracting more than 800 large boats annually. As most superyachts have a minimum of six aboard (although parties of 10-14 are the norm), the marina will bring in some 2,500 individuals with considerable purchasing power as well as their crew.

Future Strategy for Marina Port Vell 

The renovation of Marina Port Vell will allow this historic facility to reinvigorate the nautical heritage of Barcelona. The advantages of combined marine services will see local maritime and international yachting communities thrive and encourage growth in within the nautical industry.  

The refurbishment of the marina also establishes a concrete step toward the development of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster—including well known industry names like Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92), Pinmar and the Fundació Barcelona Navegació Oceànica—located in the Port of Barcelona that will generate a significant economic impact and will contribute to reactivate the city’s marine sector. 

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