5 Tips to share for Eco Sailing


Each crew member plays a major role in the experience of the owner and guests on board. They encourage sustainable and eco-sensitive practices and have the power to show that yachting can be both fun and environmentally friendly. Here are 5 tips to help crews create a more sustainable future for our oceans and coastal communities:

  1. Visit blue flag beaches

Blue Flag beaches are certified for their environmental quality and support for ecological activities. This international certification is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and is based on strict criteria regarding the environment, waste management, services and safety. For example, 621 beaches in Spain were awarded a blue flag in 2022.

By visiting these beaches, the crew and people on board can support local efforts by preserving marine ecosystems and coastal habitats, and show their commitment to more responsible sailing. It is also a perfect opportunity to enjoy the natural environment in its purest and most unspoiled form.

  1. Adapt navigation

By reducing cruising speed, it is possible to minimise the impact on the environment and marine ecosystems. Reducing speed results in less fuel consumption, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution. Encouraging the use of sail, where possible, is an equally good action to take. Owners and guests can then enjoy the pleasures of the wind’s sensations!

Some navigation areas are protected and forbidden to drop anchor for good reason – to preserve the fauna and flora that live there. Keep a consistent distance from them, and use binoculars to fully appreciate these protected areas of nature!

  1. Support the local economy

Once moored, the activity on board can have considerable impact on local communities. Therefore, it’s important to support the local economy by buying local products, supporting small businesses and choosing to eat in local restaurants. Whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania or America, buying locally produced items encourages the preservation of traditions and the conservation of natural resources!

  1. Use organic and/or recyclable products

Whether it is cleaning or consumer products, using organic and recyclable versions reduces waste and, most importantly, avoids the spread of chemicals in the world’s oceans. Purchasing bulk products, getting rid of packaging before boarding, adopting selective recycling on board, and using sun creams made of soluble oils, are small but simple steps to reduce environmental impact. Using these innovative solutions also supports companies that are committed to creating more environmentally friendly products!

  1. Enjoy eco-water toys

For several years now, more companies have been developing innovative solutions to combine sensations at sea with environmental awareness. More eco-water toys have appeared: electric sea scooters, surfboards, paddles, and many others that make it possible to have fun without using fuel. This is great ecological progress for nautical leisure enthusiasts, without reducing the quality of the toys!

Of course, there are many other solutions to move towards more responsible navigation and yachting on an individual scale. Combining the strengths and resources of the yachting industry’s players -whether companies, crews, or owners- contributes to making a valuable difference for our planet.

Marina Jarniat

Marina Jarniat

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