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A Seasonal Indoors Market by UCO Bakery.

If you have ever bought bread from UCO Bakery, you know that they are much more than just a bakery making sourdough and mixing it with interesting and innovative ingredients, such as figs, carob and a lot more. In their own words, “UCO emerged as an opportunity to bring together the essential things in life (food, art, music and people…) and above all as an opportunity to tell stories and promote health, awareness and sustainability in a warm, welcoming and safe environment”.  Cate and Gus, the couple behind the brand, “want to generate a feeling of union and community… of a family that shares similar values ​​and is enriched by the connections and synergies that are created as a result of something as simple as going to buy bread”.


This past October they brought together the owners of several small businesses on the island so that they can share with the people of Palma their history and their products. They created a market day where these businesses had an opportunity to sell anything from permaculture fruits and vegetables, to fresh flowers, organic preserves, artisanal ice cream, natural and biodynamic wines and many other special and interesting products that are not found in markets around Palma or Mallorca.

As I went in, I was greeted by the guys from Cabraboc, offering local gin and spirits. I tried their fruity “orange spirit” produced with 100% oranges from the valley of Sóller. It warmed up my insides and put me in the good mood to explore the rest of the market.

I stopped by Mica Joyeria, and was mesmerised by a demonstration of jewellery being made right in front of us, using what appeared to be traditional tools. Mica´s rings, bracelets and necklaces would make some pretty cool Christmas gifts.

I also spoke to the guys from Bar La Sang / Lundgren Wines and they told me about an imminent opening of their new premises, where they would be offering wine tasting workshops. Follow them on social media for their next event.

Bright coloured pop art by Belen Paz adorned the white walls at the back. Depicting moments from life on Mallorca and other Balearic islands, it made a perfect backdrop for this eclectic market.

Another spot that caught my attention was a large table full of permaculture vegetables. It surprised me to see that is was run by a very young man, Jacopo, who enthusiastically told me what he does and invited me to visit his place in person. Hi basil could be smelt throughout the whole place.

I had an interesting conversation with a representative from Son Moragues about their organic oils and preserves and tried some almond snacks (coated in chilli, curry etc.) from Ametlla de Mallorca an I wowed to visit both these places at an earliest opportunity.

On the way out I bought a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers suitable for home drying from Aurora’s Floral Studio and a pot of incredibly creamy 70% chocolate ice cream by the new arrival to Santa Catalina named “Elaela fabrica de helados”.

The soundtrack to the day was provided by Le Kartoon playing some pretty great live music, followed by a cool DJ set by DJ Mauri.

Altogether, I think that this was one of the most fun days I have had on the island this year. At the same time it was a great example of collaboration rather than a competition within a community. There was so much positive energy, talks, exchanges of ideas…Now, I am really looking forward to UCO´s Winter Market Day at some point mid-December and I hope to see you all there!

Text: Mia Naprta
E-mail: mia.naprta@gmail.com
Instagram: @mianaprta

Photos: Alvar Paz
Instagram: @alvarpazph


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