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Times have changed rapidly over the last decade, public knowledge about the issue with plastic pollution has become front page news and the effect it is having on both the planet and us as a species is undeniably shocking – there has just been a study released which has found microplastics in lung tissue!

This combined with a worldwide pandemic and a huge rise in interest in health and wellness (remember when egg white omelettes were all the rage!)  means that there has never been a better time to approach your Guests or Owners to talk about making some changes onboard. These changes benefit the planet, their pocket and their health so there is a convincing factor for everyone!


Most of my clients come to me looking to change their Crew Toiletries over to a more natural and sustainable option that is available in Bulk so they can Refill (reducing plastic waste by up to 75%!). After we have done this most move onto the next step of Crew Toiletries, Cleaning and Laundry but there is sometimes a reluctance to change what is on offer for the guests. I asked the Stewardesses what toiletry products the guests were using and began to realise was that some of the toiletries that are traditionally used onboard for guests are definitely not the most kind to planet or people.

This can be a very indivdual choice for each Yacht and sometimes the owner has a personal preference but it is a good time to do a little research into what is being used – I love the YUKA app – use it to scan your products onboard for a breakdown of ingredients and a clear guide as to what is harmful and not and why. The key thing to look out for is synthetic fragrances. As with everything the tiny amount that is found in one product has been deemed safe by authorities but the continual build up and exposure from this small amount in everything we use is where the problem starts.

In addition to the product inside the bottles the packaging has also long been a problem. For guests, mini toiletries were once deemed to be the only things to have onboard, representing old hotel style luxury and offering a little ‘take away’ for guests. The reality of this was less glamorous, all those tiny bottles were being used once or twice then binned which leads to a huge amount of excess waste.


Luckily over the last few years more luxury brands are seeing the benefit of offering their products in larger containers to refil and some of the high end smaller companies are truly invested in making the right choices.

Our absolute favourite offering is from BAMFORD a brand that truly embodies luxury sustainability, 100% Natural Fragrance, organic certified, beautifully packaged and available in 5L to refil your smaller container they are a perfect option for your guest bathroom. Bamford also offer an entire collection of Diffusers, Hand Gels, Massage Oils to offer a complete comprehensive range of synthetic free scents to your Yacht and clients.

Other luxury brands such as Malin + Goetz are realizing the benefit of reducing their plastic footprint and are also offering their products in 5L containers. Considering only a few years ago that this was not possible it is encouraging to see the market moving this way.

Viveco Products

Another nice option for Yachts is BESPOKE BRANDING which adds a different unique touch. With this service we create with you your own label design which is then printed in Vinyl Matt Labels onto your bottles. The beauty of this  is that you can then fill the containers with a product of your choice from our entire range (either locally produced Tot Herba or the award winning Ecostore) and if your guests want to change you can just swap out the labels instead of throwing away the bottles. This enable guests to change to a refil system with a natural environmentally friendly product without a huge investment.


Viveco Products

When looking at changing guest amenities it is not only a better choice environmentally but also aesthetically – the beauty of natural products is far greater than their cheap plastic counterparts. Switch out plastic poufs to natural Sea Sponges or Loofahs, add touches of luxury with bath mitts, eye masks and face brushes. Whether charter or private the benefit of this is that if you need to dispose of the items after only a short trip there is no ‘landfill’ waste as everything is totally organic and 100% biodegradable ! With all natural products it is important to check the source of products and ensure they are from a sustainable reputable company.

Make 2022 the year of change and get your guests onboard with a move towards more sustainable luxury!

Viveco Products

For more information about purchasing or if you have any questions about any products above please contact us directly. You can check out our full range on our new website.


Hannah Russell

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Hannah is an ex-stewardess who now runs Viveco and Viveco Yachts, an Eco Yacht, Hotel and Home supply shop in Mallorca.





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