The Gibraltar government and the TNG Global Foundation, have come together  to develop the Eastside of the rock, which will include a 600 berth state of the art marina which will be able to accommodate yacht and superyachts between 6m and 100m. The development, including 1300 homes and many commercial premises could take up to 10 years to complete.There will also be a Yacht Club and boat yard facility.

The first phase of works would centre on developing a working platform and protection for the exposed site. Phase 2 would see the main breakwater being constructed and the reclamation of additional land through infilling. In the following phase the southern arm of the marina would be built and the fourth would involve the marina interior being fitted out.

TNG report that studies that have been carried out show a strong demand for berthing with waiting lists and occupancy figures over 80%, especially in the small or day boat market. Some  of the 400 berths would be for smaller boats, similar to the small boat marina in the main port, and there would be 15 to 20 berths for superyachts between 30m (98.5ft) and 100m plus.

It is planned for the marina to have two entrances with a main entrance to the south and a small boat entrance to the north. The marina will also include a fuel berth including a dedicated 30m pontoon for this activity. The plans also include what is described as ‘a modest boatyard facility’ to be sited on the northern section of the breakwater.

As part of the planning process the Gibraltar government has indicated that consultations with Spain would be necessary regarding any national boundary issues. The Eastside development, if approved is expected to bring £2.5bn in economic benefit to Gibraltar over the next decade.