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If you are anything like me then gyms scare the living hell out of you. The thought of walking in and using anything but the safety of the treadmill (even I have mastered the ability to change the incline and pop on an episode of Midsummer Murders or some surfing videos) is beyond me. Machine after machine of terrifying looking equipment that wouldn’t look out of place in a medieval dungeon, that not only do I think I will injure myself on but more importantly look a total prat using. I know that many of you reading won’t feel that way, but spare a thought for the many of us, those that scurry in and just as quickly, out, do. And that is where John and the team at the newly opened The Box Mallorca ‘/come in.

For starters there is no astronomic joining fee, or a contract that ties you into something harder to get out of than a marriage and for twice as long. Instead, the team start you off with a free session where you can either go and observe a class, or chat one to one with one of the highly trained and Internationally renowned coaches, in pretty much the majority of the main languages found on the island – Mallorcan, Spanish, English, Swedish, German, Norwegian and even Hungarian.

It is here that they explain the ethos of the gym and how it sets itself apart from the majority found pretty much anywhere, certainly Mallorca. Because the idea behind it is to build a local community of ‘Mes’. People for whom the gym is a scary and mysterious place. Rather than alienating us, the plan instead is to build a family of likeminded people – a community.  You know the saying strength in numbers, well here it is in reality. The groups are kept carefully small, both to follow Covid safety measurements, but also because that is what works. In fact, if the small group classes are still too daunting at first then one on one sessions are always available.

Once you decide you are ready to embrace the challenge you set for yourself, be it weight loss, increasing fitness, changing to a healthier lifestyle or perhaps training for a Spartan, then John recommends you begin with the On Ramp programme to set you off in the right direction. The On Ramp course consists of four 30-minute sessions, either one on one or in groups of up to four, all for a steal at 90 euros. It is designed to be a soft introduction, where goals are set that are both easily maintainable, but also contain enough of a challenge to keep them interesting and your goals ever achievable.

After you are comfortable with the ideology and, most importantly, that ever-present gym equipment, you can choose your level of membership. Silver costs 120 euros per month and gives you access to two classes per week of an ever-changing roster. The idea is not to cherry pick, but to mix it up in pure CrossFit style. If you would also like to do some individual workouts and perhaps additional classes then there is always the Gold option that gives you unlimited classes and also an open gym from 11am-1pm and 3pm-5pm daily, for 150 euros. But as John says, the idea here really is the community and group sessions. It is somewhere to workout, but also to laugh and enjoy both your challenges and successes.

Aside from the normal membership options, if you are up for something a little different then they are launching the 30-day Body Transformation challenge, where they will focus on nutrition, training and lifestyle advice, with the hope that when you see the results you will continue into the year and beyond. They are also there to keep you accountable – and God knows we all need that. Also, if you are unable to come to the gym for the two sessions a week, plus drop-in time, then they are offering many different and easy to do, at-home exercises. The challenge starts on the 11th of January 2021 and costs 220 euros.

And as I mentioned earlier, if you are not able to commit for months at a time then there is a simple stop and go option, where you can pause your membership without penalty, until you are able to start again. So, if that dream job in the Caribbean comes up or you simply decide to head off on a different adventure for a few weeks or months, then you can simply resume on your return.

John, his girlfriend Jacqueline, with whom he started the gym, and the team, have trained at the very top of their games, coaching the elite of the elite in sports and CrossFit, and they are now ready to bring that to you. So, fear the gym no longer, pop on your shiny new yoga pants or your slouchy jogging bottoms and head along to watch your body, fitness and long-term outlook be utterly transformed.

By Victoria Pearce

The Box Mallorca

Avinguda de Joan Miró, 327, Port of Calanova 07015 Palma Islas Baleares

The Box Mallorca Whatsapp for all enquiries: +34 722 839 175

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