The future of (Pocket) Superyachts

On the 15th of October Quaynote are organising a conference called The Future Of Superyachts.

I have been asked to join as one of the speakers. This is great news, not just for my ego, but because the yachting industry is starting to notice the importance of the growing niche of yachts under 100ft or 30m.

I have been asked to provide an introduction on Pocket Superyachts:

– What are Pocket Superyachts exactly? Why do we use this terminology and what defines them in size and value?

– Why are they a niche of their own?

– How are they a stepping stone to Superyachting?

– Crew on Pocket Superyachts: the dynamics, training and certification.

And finally;

– Pocket Superyachts in Palma: How are Pocket Superyachts received in Palma?

At first I wasn’t sure whether I would have anything to contribute to this already great event. But during discussions with the organisers it became apparent that in my niche we are confronted with a very different set of challenges than the rest of the industry encounters.

It also became apparent how these issues are relevant to the larger yacht sections of the industry and the companies that cater to them. Just one thought there is this: Perhaps the different niches (-30m, +30m and perhaps +50m) have now all grown to the extent where companies should decide to specialise in either one of them. This is what we decided to do 10 years ago. Perhaps a bit early but it was driven by passion and it’s now paying off.

Further topics that will be discussed, and I believe are highly relevant, are;

  • Chartering in Spain
  • I hope they add chartering in Greece which has complex rules and regulations at the moment
  • VAT matters in Spain
  • Mooring in Palma (pricing and availability)
  • Marine conservation (hopefully Brad Robertson of Save The Med confirms his attendence soon)

Also, Nick Stael from MSOS has confirmed to do a presentation on telemedicine and Jonathan Syrett will talk about the status of the extention of the marina in Palma.

There are many more interesting speakers which makes me even more proud to be part of the line-up.

Should you want to join the conference you can do so by visiting


I hope to see you there!

Jens Ooms 

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