Majorca & Menorca Hit By ‘Mini-Tsunami’

MAJORCA and Menorca were hit by “mini-tsunamis” yesterday morning.

Popular beach resorts have been flooded by an influx of water thanks to a shift in pressure which caused the large waves to sweep the town. A number of viral videos have captured the shocking moment popular beach resorts in Majorca and Menorca are hit by ‘mini-tsunamis’.

In the videos, water surges from the beaches and flows through the town. Waves as high as five feet smashed the coast with bars and restaurants being affected. People watch on as umbrellas and loungers are swept away by the water, and a car attempts to drive through. The meteotsunamis, also known as meteorological tsunamis, occur when changes in barometric pressure are detected.

This causes the large waves to displace in the water which causes the flooding. They can be as tall as six feet and despite smaller than regular tsunamis, also cause injuries and deaths. No-one has been injured in the strong waves to hit the region. Beaches were also relatively empty at the time as it occurred before tourists flocked to the coast for the day.

The video, captured on Facebook page Virales Mallorca, said: “Flooding in Port d’Alcudia. Climate change?”

People on Facebook were shocked, with many commenting that it isn’t the first time it has happened. Many expressed their surprise at seeing a ‘rissaga’ which is what they are called in Catalan. Another video showed flooding in Porto Cristo, with more water flowing through the town.

Last year, a mini-tsunami also hit a popular beach resort in the Netherlands. A video captured the moment the water flooded the shores of Zandvoort and Katwijk. Parasols and beach chairs were smashed by the water but no-one was injured, although many were shaken. The worst tsunami in history occurred in 2004 in the Indian Ocean, after a 9.1 magnitude earthquake struck.

It then generated a tsunami that claimed 230,000 lives and is one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.


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