Making dreams come true

​from now until Sweatember and beyond!​


It’s such an unusual and exciting industry we work and live in. When you work as crew, your non-yachtie friends have no idea what your job entails. Obviously you only post the pictures of the good life on your Facebook and Instagram.

That gives me the idea to organise, one month per year where we only post pictures and videos of the downside of the job. A whole month of pictures of guys unblocking toilets, girls cleaning small recesses in the interior with cotton buds. Chefs cooking at sea, holding on to pots and pans while tomatoes roll over the countertops like a game of billiard that has just been broken. And of course lots of polishing and chamoising (or shammying) Trying to write that word is hard work by itself.


I digress; It is an unusual industry we work in as we are involved in making dreams come true.

I am writing this from the city of Bordeaux where Lagoon and CNB build pocket superyachts (at quite an impressive pace).

As I arrived at the yard yesterday, with my client’s CNB76 already in the water, a flat bed truck, with the keel of the next 76, rolled up. Keels on wheels!

Today I spent the whole day with the new crew Josh and Erin. We went through Invisible Crew’s “code of conduct”

​, the CNB manuals​

and made the first steps towards setting up the Invisible Crew Dashboard that contains all the maintenance tasks and records the maintenance history. The crew’s experience, knowledge and energy, supported by the structure and combined know-how of the Invisible Crew team is a recipe for success.

Tomorrow the owner will arrive here to find his new yacht ready to go with the crew on deck.

I think we sometimes forget what a big deal this is for these owners.

Inv3We forget how different our lives are from theirs. We often admire them for their successes in business, but we shouldn’t forget that we are somewhat living their dream. They spend a lot of money to be in that same environment where we work day in and out.

I have, unfortunately, witnessed once or twice how some owners can’t help but feel envious.

To make them feel better and to put an immediate stop to such envy, I really think we should do a month of non-glamorous yachtie posts on social media.

September would be my month of choice. Right at the end of the season when the weather in both the Med and Caribbean is still hot and humid. We’ll call it “Sweatember”! We could link a cause to it and raise money. For example 1€ donated by your sponsor per “like” you receive on your Sweatember post.

Contact me if you think this is a good idea!



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