TRIVIA: Volvo Ocean Race


The Volvo Ocean Race begins again this year, so no time like the present to brush up on your history. How well do you know the world’s toughest race?

Question 1
When Volvo Ocean Race stops in Cardiff in 2018, it will be the race’s first return to UK shores in how long?

Answer: 12 years.The last time the race visited the UK was Portsmouth in the 2005-06 edition

Question 2

Simeon Tienpont will skipper Team AkzoNobelin the 2017-18 edition. On which boat did he sail his first ever Volvo Ocean Race?

Answer: ABN Amro Two.The Dutch skipper will make this third Volvo Ocean Race appearance in 2017-18, after jumping onboard Team Vestas Wind for the last few legs of the 2014-15 edition.

Question 3

Roughly how many more Southern Ocean miles will the teams race in 2017-18, compared to recent editions?

Answer: Three times as many. Brr… don’t forget your thermals!

Question 4

Volvo Ocean Race CEO Mark Turner competed in the 1989-90 race – but on which boat?

Answer: British Defender. At just 21 years old, Mark took leave from the Navy to join the race – and despite having to step off the boat to return to work halfway around the world, it was the beginning of a life-long love affair.

Question 5

When the boats race past Point Nemo in the Southern Ocean, what are they closer to than they are to any human on land?

Answer: The International Space Station. Yep, Point Nemo is the most remote point on the planet… so don’t expect a pizza delivery in this neck of the woods.

Question 6

Which team won Leg 1 of the 2014-15 edition, from Alicante to Cape Town?

Answer: Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. Start as you mean to go on, so they say.

Question 7

Which sailor could win his third consecutive Volvo Ocean Race in 2017-18?

Answer: Phil Harmer. The Aussie would become only the second sailor in Volvo Ocean Race history to achieve that feat.

Question 8

Sir Ben Ainslie’s father, Roddy, skippered a boat in the first ever edition of this race, but which one?

Answer: Second Life. The British boat finished the race in 150 days and eight hours – almost 17 days behind winners, Sayula.

Question 9

Ian Walker won the trophy with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing in 2014-15 – but what number Volvo Ocean Race was it for him?

Answer: His third race. And it was third time lucky for the Brit, as his team grabbed both the overall trophy and the In-Port Series honours

Question 10

Which iconic city will the Volvo Ocean Race visit for the first time in the 2017-18 edition?

Answer: Hong Kong. And we can’t wait…

Question 11

What was legendary Sayula skipper Ramon Carlin’s job when he decided to enter the first ever race?

Answer: Wachine machine salesman. The Mexican made the decision to enter the race after visiting the UK on holiday and spotting some of the boats… and the rest is history.

Question 12

Tracy Edwards made history in the 1989-90 edition, but which boat was she skipper of?

Answer: Maiden. The boat is one of the most iconic in Volvo Ocean Race history, and inspired a generation of female sailors to take to the ocean.

Question 13

The projected distance of the 2017-18 race in nautical miles is…

Answer: 45,000. It’s set to be one of the longest and toughest Volvo Ocean Races in years…

Question 14

How many legs did Sir Peter Blake’s Steinlager 2 win in 1989-90 on their way to lifting the trophy?

Answer: Six. That’s every single leg, a clean sweep.

Question 15

Who won the Hans Horrevoets Rookie Award in 2011-12?

Answer: Dave Swete. The big Kiwi won the award whilst part of Team Sanya’s crew, and returned to the race in 2014-15 as part of Team Alvimedica.

Question 16

Charles Caudrelier returns to the race for a 2nd consecutive time as Dongfeng Race Team skipper. Where did they finish last race?

Answer: Third. The Chinese boat surprised many by challenging most of the way around the world, and grabbed a place on the podium.

Question 17

Where did the boats go after Cape Town in the first ever race in 1973?

Answer: Sydney. The last time the race visited Australia was in 2005-06, when the boats stopped in Melbourne.

Question 18

Volvo Ocean Race star Dee Caffari is notable for being the first female to do what?

Answer: Sail the ‘wrong’ way around the world, solo. The Team SCA sailor made history by achieving the feat in 2006.

Question 19

“There’s nothing like it. It gets in your blood and you can’t get rid of it” – who said this about the race?

Answer: Sir Peter Blake. The Kiwi did the race five times, which kind of proves his point.

Question 20

Who was the youngest sailor in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race?

Answer: Liu Xue (‘Black’). He was just 21 in 2014-15, will he return to the onboard Dongfeng Race Team in 2017-18?

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