Placing crew on Pocket – and other Superyachts.

Invisible Crew is fully back in the crew placement game. By that we are referring to one-off placements.

We are now set up, better than ever before, to help Captains and Chief Stewardesses to find excellent crew. Implementing our experience, specialised software and the candidate presentation profile we have developed ( we can provide our clients with a more truthful and complete impression of our candidates than a traditional CV ever could.

Our growing portfolio of Pocket Superyachts that we have in management, demanded our complete focus. This made us unable to take on one-off crew placement request for Pocket- and larger Superyachts. We have taken nearly two years to find a quality solution to this problem.

pvwWe are proud to introduce Paul Van Westing who will run the crew placement side of Invisible Crew. Paul has over 10 years experience in the yachting industry, working on Pocket Superyachts as well as large yachts up to 60 meters. His drive for service has made him involved, and thus familiar, with all departments on board. His motor yacht experience compliments Jens’ sailing experience.

What makes Invisible Crew’s approach so different from the multitude of competitors?

Invisible crew’s philosophy has always been about putting quality before quantity. We prefer to send 1 or 2 quality candidates as opposed to bombarding a hiring manager with 10 irrelevant profiles.

When we select crew we go the extra mile to provide our clients with as much info as possible about the candidate. With the USP Profile we transfer those insights to our clients.

Captains and Chief Stews have applauded this approach as it makes their recruitment process easier and faster. They avoid wasting time on the kind of interviews where it is apparent within minutes that the candidate is not suitable or may not even be interested

j1Paul’s vision is to answer captain and chief stew’s crew request with a two prong approach. Within hours of your request you will be presented with available options out of our USP database. You will receive a USP Profiles which include the candidates presentation video, work history, skills summary, personality description and answers to 8 important interview questions.

If we don’t have the exact profile available Paul will offer the option to go on a head hunt mission as your representative.

Thanks to our connection with the Pocket Superyachts we know a multitude of all-round skilled crew who are truly passionate about yachting. They form high quality additions to any superyacht team when they want to progress to bigger yachts.

The ultimate goal is to provide a quality solution in a time efficient fashion.


If you want to crew a Pocket Superyacht feel free to send your CV to

If you are looking for crew contact Paul via


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