Coppercoat: Coppercoat-Superyacht to Showcase at METSTRADE

Aquarius Marine Coatings Ltd presents its long-lasting anti-foul coating for superyachts
for the first time at the international trade show METSTRADE, 15th to 17th November, Amsterdam, Stand 10.703, Superyacht Pavilion.

Aquarius Marine Coatings Ltd will showcase its new multi-season anti-foul coating, Coppercoat-Superyacht, for the first time at this month’s METSTRADE show in Amsterdam.

The longest lasting anti-foul treatment available on the market, Coppercoat-Superyacht has been specifically formulated for the superyacht sector to provide unrivalled protection for larger yachts and vessels.

Saving valuable time and cost, a single treatment of Coppercoat-Superyacht commonly provides fouling protection for a decade or more. An application allows vessels to remain in operation year after year without the wasted time and expense incurred due to frequent dry-docking and repainting associated with traditional anti-foul coatings that require regular renewal.

This high-strength, water-based, solvent-free epoxy coating can be applied by airless spray providing a smooth finish which remains clear of marine growth. The hard epoxy surface withstands repeated scrubbing, allowing the easy removal of slime. The hydro-dynamically efficient surface has been shown to improve hull speed and fuel efficiency, season after season.

Coppercoat has supplied over 60,000 vessels worldwide and is trusted by many of the best-known boat-builders.

Ewan Clark, director of the manufacturing company Aquarius Marine Coatings Ltd, said: “Coppercoat has now been available in its smaller boat format for many years. We are highly experienced in the application of our products on all substrates and are confident that Coppercoat-Superyacht will keep any yacht in operation with a clean underwater profile for many years. Several of the boats treated back in the early 1990’s have now enjoyed over 20 years of immersion with no anti-foul reapplications necessary, providing their owners with very significant financial savings during that time. Showcasing Coppercoat-Superyacht at METSTRADE in the Superyacht Pavilion will bring the updated version of this coating to a wider audience, enabling the superyacht market to benefit from this anti-fouling revolution.”

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