Api’s resin flooring for superyacht: the new trends on display at the 26th edition of Monaco Yacht Show

 The extraordinary aesthetic impression of Api’s resin surfaces, on display from 28th September to 1st October at the prestigious Monegasque appointment dedicated to the luxury yachting



Api, Italian manufacturing company which for over 50 years produces and install naval and industrial resin flooring, presents the latest IT trends at the Monaco Yacht Show.


A showcase of a selection of projects and concepts already implemented for several major national and international realities as Fincantieri, Lürssen, Baglietto, Mariotti, Benetti, Ferretti Group and others, for the realisation of some refined resin floor.


As Vittorio Magnaghi, General Manager Marine of Api, says: “For us this is undoubtedly a market segment of reference for the solution’s preciousness and the incitements that it offers in terms of aesthetic quality and performance: a daily challenge to deal with Api resin flooring”.


“Yachts, especially large ones, allow us to make a creative use of our product and take full advantage of the versatility and the high technical performance, typical of Api’s flooring”, continue the General Manager Marine. “Our work, sure enough, is to find a customisation that meets the requests of both the ship owner and designer, thus we have established a business unit dedicated to superyachts, able to satisfy even the most ambitious demands. The prestigious showcase at Monaco give us not just the opportunity to present Api’s haute gamme products, but even to converse with the international spokespersons who will attend this incredible event”, concludes Vittorio Magnaghi.


This exhibition is also an occasion to illustrate and make known the reliability, the qualities and the high regard of Api’s flooring, completely customisable, developed thanks to a continuous research within the Italian laboratories which blend together elegance and beauty with outstanding performance.


An example is the new maxi-yacht Baglietto 46m FAST – winner of the prestigious World Superyacht Trophy at the recent exhibition in Cannes – for which Api has created personalised coatings made of the most high-quality decorative resin, that combine aesthetic exquisiteness with functionality and durability. In particular, Api realised the resin surfaces in the inner area of tender garage (on the stern) and in the external one of rescue boat (on the bow), taking place on a processing series with a FLEXIGEL® D060 underlay, particularly flexible and lightweight, completed by a FLEXIGEL® DECORO finishing.


In both areas aboard the boat, Api has carried out thickness works as its normal approach, realised with its resin underlays as a guarantee of absolute security.




Focus on luxury yachting market’s scenario


In the segment of luxury yacht shipbuilding, Italy has got a high market share (from 37,2% registered in 2015 to a 42,7% achieved in 2016), if we talk in terms of number of units built.


Considering the perspective from linear meters built, the data that emerges from the 2016 European shipyard’s order book, highlights a reduced market share (around 30% – 32%) that is substantially converted in the fact that in Europe (especially in the Netherlands and Germany) are built fewer boats than Italy, but with a greater length.


In reference to the yachts on which Api it is present with its resin coatings, the Italian company appears more abroad than in Italy, referring both to the parameter based on the length of the yacht (linear meters built) and the one related to the number of vessels built.


Comparing the years 2015 and 2016 and taking as benchmark both the Italian and foreign market, the data of the Italian company shows a significant increase. Thanks to the great specialisation that Api is dedicating to this branch, the growth rate in terms of turnover is every year in double figure and, in particular, in 2015 there was an increase of over 20% with similar expectations for the current year.


A precise signal that shows how Api’s products and service are able to put together both technical and aesthetics needs, in order to satisfy the customers’ demands.







Api – www.api-spa.com

Api is an Italian manufacturing company, worldwide leader in the formulation, production and installation of industrial and naval resin flooring, with over 55 years of history and satellite activities of about 200 people, almost all companies specialised in the installation and setup of resin flooring and other services, from the logistics to the catering. In 2015 Api has realised a turnover of over 20M€.





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