Yacht Center Palma

At Yacht Center Palma you will find specialists in all things nautical. We have been offering our services on the island for more than 25 years, with 4 shops in which we offer more than 22,000 nautical items.

The main divisions are Chandlery, Boat Sales, Manteinance & Care Service, Winter Services, Charter and Nautique Boutique.


We present to you the latest news in Yacht Center Palma Chandlery for October:




Yacht Center Palma offers you the best boat Matresses Brand: FLEXIMA.


Yacht mattresses are generally installed with a 6 mm thick air mesh on the bottom side of the fabric cover. Where the mattress rests with its open cavities against the ship’s side, this mesh is continued upwards to the zipper for better ventilation! Since the slatted frame is already integrated in the cold foam through the spring elements made of plastic, the Flexima can be placed directly on a closed surface (wood, fibreglass). Nevertheless, you can enjoy great spring comfort, and humidity (heat) will be pumped out of the side of the mattress with each movement. Even if a Flexima has become truly wet due to high humidity, it will dry quickly thanks to the perfect ventilation system.

All the mattresess are customizated with the exact measures you need. Visit the Flexima Showroom in Yacht Center Palma Store, near Real Club Náutico de Palma.





In Yacht Center Palma you will also find one of the best propeller brands in the sector: SPW Gmbh the German precisión manufacturer are now in stock, and their propellers provide several benefits:


When the engine is turned off, the waterflow rotates the blades automatically into the feathered position.

Benefits: Drag is almost eliminated and speed increases 15% to 20%, depending on wind conditions. Propeller turbulence vanishes and a substantially enhanced rudder effect is achieved.


When shifting into reverse, less than one shaft rotation turns the leading edge of the blades 180 degrees.

Benefits: Efficiency (thrust) in reverse is equal to forward, 30% – 40% more than all fixed propellers. You get improved stopping power; however, this also increases “Prop Walk” (paddle wheel effect). In case of varying step-down gears (i.e. Yanmar Shafts) the pitches in foward and reverse are optimal set by factory.


Independently adjustable external pitch control

Forward and reverse pitches can be changed in just seconds — even underwater

Benefits: Custom fine tuning (in micrometer-small increments) of reverse thrust vs. prop-walk. (For most owners, eliminating prop walk is more important than maximizing reverse thrust.)


SoftStop™ shock absorber

Shock Absorbing Multidisc Brake (patented) built into the VARIPROP hub.

Benefits: Dramatically reduces shock loads on gearbox and drivetrain, permits shifting at higher speeds without damage.


In Yacht Center Palma you always find the best brands at the best price. So, you only have to think about the weather ¡!



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