Infuze One Year Anniversary

Infuze gastro-lounge is located in Illetas, right on the border which separates Calvia from Palma. This unique bar/ restaurant offers something different to both locals and tourists as it boasts a daily changing menu made with the creativity of their prized possession chef along with the finest and freshest ingredients. This month sees them celebrate their first year’s anniversary in business !


The restaurant has the perfect mixture of a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere; with brilliant trending music being played throughout the day coupled with big beanbags, a pool table and quality ‘infuzed’ cocktails. The chilled vibe however does not resonate through to the staff as they are very on the ball and alert. Speaking to Rhys, the owner, I learned that service and looking after the customers is an absolute priority. “ It’s the little things and the small attentions to detail which ensures people who visit will come back again.” And this ideology can be seen in the restaurant from the choice of decoration, the absolute cleanliness of the place and the personal care and friendliness of the waitresses.


Onto the highly proclaimed and ‘fiery’ Danish chef Charlotte, whose gastronomic skill has allowed her complete creative freedom to design a range of different and exciting dishes on a daily basis, which you can find written up on the windows every morning. The word around town, during the winter months however, insists that Infuze offers the very best Sunday roast dinners with meat sourcing from quality butcher Dunns with fresh veggies and good old-fashioned Yorkshire puddings.


Infuze restaurant likes to keep things up to date and vibrant and that is why it offers a whole range of events such pool tournaments, dart nights and hosts live footage of the premier league for all the football fans out there. I can’t help but recommend the restaurant to anyone who’s maybe had a long day or needs some time to relax with comfortable seating, good music and good company .Also if there is anything about your visit that maybe you didn’t enjoy, be sure to let the staff know either through trip advisor or in person, because I can guarantee that the next time you go back you wont have the same problem, as owner Rhys keeps on top of any complaints and suggestions. “Whenever I look at reviews on trip advisor I always take notice of any negative comments, because its important to show care and fix things early on to ensure people understand that we are on the ball and eager to please the customer.” And in all honesty you can see this care with the whole staff, I had a small breakfast there and I noticed the staff were always eager to make sure that we were enjoying everything and it was up to scratch, which for me, makes all the difference. The fact that this is a family run business gives the restaurant a very comforting and caring vibe that you don’t find in many places.



The cakes are also something to behold as they are lovingly made by the mum of the business, Diane, and to be quite honest, everyone knows that mums make the best cakes! My personal recommendation for anyone with a sweet tooth would be to try the homemade chocolate brownie desert with fresh fruit and ice cream or the delicious strawberry trifle. All desserts are homemade with fresh and quality ingredients from a very experienced and very consistent baker. So to round up, no matter how much your loving that freshly made main course you must remember to save some room for a cheeky desert because I can guarantee that you will have that brilliant feeling of being completely stuffed, satisfied and just ready to siesta for the afternoon.


‘Infuze’ is a brilliant name; it gives connotations of mixtures, energy and excitement and is partly the reason as to why screenshot-2016-09-27-17-10-41the restaurant was given the name. It also however derives from the fact that both owners Rhiannon and Rhys have past experience working in bars and cocktail mixing. Along with regular alcoholic drinks and cocktails such as mojitos the restaurant also offers a set menu of ‘Infusion Specialties’ that are becoming increasingly popular day by day. Specialty infusions typically arrive in a large glass jug and several glasses to share out, the overall presentation of the specialty infuses are something to behold as they are an explosion of bright colours with varying fruits and flavors. Being only 17 I wasn’t quite able to try one out legally but I have heard through the grapevine that these drinks are incredibly tasty and great for a big group of people. As I’m sure coupled with great music, cozy beanbags and competitive pool tournaments that this really is the place to try out after a long week of work, especially if your looking to have nothing too serious, just a good laugh with good company that will make for a very relaxing time.



All in all there’s not much I can say to fault the place, it has a nice big open layout with big windows giving the area a very open flow of fresh air, which is one of the reasons that the owners actually fell in love with the site the first place. You can see for yourself that it does work very well and it does complement the decoration and furniture for that all important ‘chill vibe’. The restaurant is still relatively new and is on a learning curve, however I would say that as a positive aspect, mainly because the owners are so positive in their outlook and eager to impress their customers and tick as many boxes as possible. I believe they are very well on their way to having a very successful restaurant because of their uniqueness and ability to set themselves apart from anywhere else. Hopefully one day we will be able to see out the visions of the restaurant owners, perhaps with an ‘Infuse 2’ chiringuito located beach side.


Infuze will be celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary this Sunday (23rd October) from 7pm – join them for drinks and a free buffet with a theme of €10 spent at a local Chinese Shop on as many different things that you can wear with prizes to be won for best dressed!







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