Ondine : The calm before the storm

For those of you who have been following the progress of Asociación Ondine and our marine research, conservation and research projects, you would have noticed the steady run of “Dos Manos Beach Cleans”, our hugely successful Schools Program taking off, the Stingray Survey continuing and the fantastic news that the local Balearic Government are likely to declare Sa Dragonera as the newest local Marine Reserve.

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We were also involved in this years Superyacht Cup and Palma Superyacht Show to assist in the process of removing single use plastics from these events and helping source alternative options.


There has however been a few months recently where our promotions have slowed down. Is this the calm before the storm?


Asociación Ondine has reached a very exciting and interesting moment in its development with people from all over the world contributing their professional abilities to help us grow into the compact powerhouse that we are fast becoming. Its amazing that such a small motivated group can reach out and receive assistance from as far away as the U.S.A, Australia and the U.K.

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Experts in managing NGO´s, corporate governance within NGOs, business development advice, fundraising experts and scientists have all given advice to increase the skill set of our management team, as well as the addition of a young international intern. Things are definitely heating up!


With this new knowledge and critical abilities we are embarking on a journey of evolution and growth, a journey of project development and opportunity creation. One of these opportunities is going to be our Partners program, where we give larger, international organisations and businesses the chance to give something substantial back to the Balearic Sea and beyond. I say beyond as a few of our new initiatives have the potential to gain worldwide exposure and also to touch children from all walks of life. We are a local organisation in the Balearic Islands, we concentrate on local issues and work with local people and businesses. However, with the local issues we face here in the Balearics including Plastic Pollution and Marine Protected Areas, we see that these issues are not restricted to the Balearic Islands, they are international marine related issues.


Screenshot 2016-08-26 22.46.18So this calm before the storm is such a great time to be in, it’s also a time where we have many announcements to make over the coming months, but for now its “mums the word!”


If you are looking for a trustworthy, hard working, professional and committed marine conservation, education and research organisation to support then look no further. We have proved all these points over the years and will continue to solidify our reputation.


If there were such a tool as an input to output ratio for NGOs, Asociacion Ondine would be at the top of the list with a handful of other NGOs. What goes into this organisation is certainly replicated in the results that come out in the field and into our community. We are not top heavy and the majority of our funding is directed specifically to our projects, with minimal overheads and a huge amount of local volunteers.


Screenshot 2016-08-26 22.46.27When thinking about supporting an NGO, ask yourself…”What would their input to output ratio be?”


So I invite you to continue or begin to follow Asociacion Ondine´s progress and if you have any comments, questions or are interested in getting involved, I personally will give you the time and responses you are interested in. This group is here to stay and we want you to be part of it.


Positive solutions to negative issues!


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Asociación Ondine



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