ACREW Monaco at La Rascasse

9:00am – 5:00pm Wednesday 28th September to Friday 30th September


La Rascasse is the venue for ACREW in Monaco this year.


To provide crew with their own space, ACREW have created the Crew Deck, a space to relax and enjoy decadent food.


As well as traditional workshops, ACREW delivers their trademark Masterclasses; collaborations of industry leading experts sharing their knowledge on the most crucial topics. The PYA have their annual seminars upstairs on the crew deck and crew can benefit from personal consultations for both their career and personal finances. And of course, let’s not forget the legendary Monaco Kick-Off Party!  Presented by ACREW & ZOOM, held at La Rascasse and featuring Zoom DJ Dani L Mebius, this year promises to be another spectacular night!


Lunch will be served each day from 12:00pm until 2:00pm and a team of serving staff will circulate the deck with food of exceptional quality throughout the entire lunch period, In addition to this, an Oyster Bar and a Superfood Salad Bar will be on the Crew Deck. All drinks are on ACREW.


Also featured will be an F1 simulator car, free quality Wi-Fi, giant Jenga and chill out areas to relax.


You can register for a workshop or masterclass at

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ACREW Monaco Masterclasses

Rock Your Refit

28th September: 09:30 – 12.00

Crew Deck


Optimising a refit can save large sums of money, a great deal of time and stress during the refit and potentially huge issues in the future.


Contractors, Captains and Project Managers collaborate in this Masterclass to present the insiders guide to leaving the refit yard with total confidence, on time and in budget.


The masterclass will begin with a panel discussion that looks at the entire refit process and all the supporting documents that provide a step by step guide to managing your refit.


Discussions will cover the keys to success:


  • The industry needs to improve transparency in the quotation system. Quotes can vary wildly because companies are including a wide range of different costs in their quotes
  • Effective detailed surveys
  • The project documentation spells out clearly every detail of the refit and all is agreed by all parties. These include communications plans, lines of responsibilities, roles and timescales
  • Final surveys are signed of by all parties legal documents protecting the yacht and contractor in the event of future problems


Following the panel discussion, breakout groups will use the latest in refit and maintenance software to analyse important elements of the yacht in refit. ACREW has sourced the best contractors, consistently delivering trusted, excellent work to discuss their specialist area, sharing knowledge and experience simply and clearly.


Attendees will leave with the complete picture. If you are refitting soon this masterclass will be the perfect preparation, providing knowledge, experience and contacts that will be of immeasurable value.



Dining with the Senses

28th September: 2:30pm – 5:00pm

Crew Deck


To really impress with a dining experience you need inspiration. The multitude of components, each carefully coordinated and planned, need to contribute to guests feeling that they were just part of something really special.


ACREW’s interior partners bring to La Rascasse ‘Dining with the Senses’ a Masterclass like no other! Be prepared to go on a sensory journey that incorporates the five elements across four courses, each a creative masterpiece in every detail. The food, drinks, decor, tableware and service will all contribute to the experience, providing a multitude of ideas and concepts that crew can use the next time they are planning to ‘wow’ a special guest or owner.


With exceptional knowledge in their fields, all the elements to each course will be carefully explained. The principles of the synchronised service demonstrated will be imparted, including resources to help you plan your next service, that will be sent to attendees by Peter Vogel after the masterclass.


To learn how to provide your guests with the quality and exceptional level of planning and detail they deserve, whilst being inspired by the creativity throughout the experience, attending this masterclass is a must for interior crew.


Pushing Limits: Managing Crew Resources to Reduce Onboard Incidents

29th September: 14:00 – 17:00

Crew Deck


Working on a superyacht is not your regular 9 – 5 job. It comes with great benefits and great challenges. One of these challenges is the workload and hours, particularly when owners and guests are onboard. For Captains and HoD’s, managing the expectations of owners, guests and management whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of crew is sometimes a tough and blurry line to walk.


The bringing together of the expertise in this Masterclass will really move on practice in the industry. Debbie Elliott and Colette Hodson from TAG Aviation will contribute a unique perspective from an industry that is years ahead in terms of crew resource management. Perfect for Captains wishing to be out ahead of industry developments.


Andy Langford from Regs4Yachts will share his insights from years of ISM and inspections. in terms of preparedness for incidents onboard and how to ensure small problems do not turn into major incidents. Working towards more effective crew resource management in combination with effective emergency training as an industry will serve to reduce the number of incidents onboard that lead to harm of individuals, vessel or reputation.


Break out sessions will develop these concepts and draw on the expertise of facilitators from various fields including crew coaching, maritime regulations, insurance and the military.


Attendees will be part of a leading edge conversation that will continue in the industry as these concepts are applied. They will leave with the knowledge and resources to affect immediate positive change onboard.


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