The PYA at the Palma Yacht Show 2016

The PYA kicked off the 2016 yachting season by attending the Palma Yacht Show from 28th April to 2nd May. Kindly sponsored by MYBA, the Worldwide Yachting Association, the PYA team was present for the duration of the show, and had a busy few days of talking to and assisting crew.

This year, we were based at the ACREW official crew lounge, where we ran two informative workshops for crew to attend free of charge. The first, ‘Need to know Superyachting for new recruits’, was aimed at junior crew looking to start out the industry. We presented a range of useful information to help green crew secure their first jobs. The sessions received good feedback from all the attendees, with comments including:

“Very helpful, well presented, good hosts”

“Great info which greenies need to know.”

“Now I can get into the industry with much more confidence.”

“Amazing friendly atmosphere. Great examples of CVs.”

“Applicable and informative. Very good and very helpful.”

Screenshot 2016-06-14 13.59.17

Hopefully the crew who joined us will have taken on-board everything they learnt and will be well on their way to getting hired for their dream job!


Our second free session for crew was called ‘Sail through your deck qualifications with the PYA’ and provided accurate guidance to deck crew looking to take the next step of their career. Many of the attendees were thinking about working towards their OOW, and Joey Meen, the PYA Director of Training and Certification was able to give them advice on the process of applying through the MCA for an NoE leading to a CoC, the dos and don’ts of the Training Record Book, recording and verifying sea service and more. These are all things the PYA gets asked about regularly, so it was really beneficial to be able to run a face to face workshop with some of the Palma-based crew.


The session was well-received by the deck crew who took part:

“Lots of valid information. Cleared some of my concerns. Thank you!”

“I learnt a lot, and found out important information which is relevant.”

“It was useful to verify deck courses and talk to someone about

the qualifications I was unsure about within the industry.”


Screenshot 2016-06-14 13.59.28

In addition to the workshops that the PYA ran for crew, we also endorsed some of the other Continuing Professional Development content on offer in the crew lounge, including medical training, personal security workshops, dealing with migrant encounters and an excellent session called ‘On-Trend dining’ which was hosted on-board a yacht by PYA GUEST trainer, Peter Vogel. Any PYA-endorsed content can be entered into the PYA Crew Work Book to show that the crewmember has invested the time to learn new skills outside of mandatory training.


It was a very successful show for the PYA, and we look forward to our next visit to Palma. Don’t forget that Bluewater in Palma is a PYA regional office, and can sight certificates and testimonials to send on to our headquarters to be added to your Service Record Book.

The PYA would like to thank MYBA, the Worldwide Yachting Association for its generous support in sponsoring the PYA’s involvement in the Palma Yacht Show.




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