SAIL’s Best Boats 2016


Every year’s Best Boats competition brings at least a few surprises, but the class of 2016 has provided more than any other.

For one thing, multihulls have figured more prominently than ever before. Whether it was by dramatically revamping the way space is defined both above and belowdecks or literally taking flight through the use of lifting foils (aboard not one but two of our winners), the multihulls in this year’s class illustrate a willingness to push the envelope that is nothing less than courageous in terms of commitment.

Not that their monohull counterparts are any less exciting. Whether it’s developing what may well become a new market niche—the mini-superyacht—or creating a platform that puts true grand prix sport boat performance within the grasp of mere mortals, today’s monohull builders are also discovering innovative ways to make sailing more exciting and enjoyable.

What’s not surprising is the creativity of the industry’s builders and designers, who continue to not just expand the boundaries of the sport, but do so in such myriad ways.

And the envelope please…
Flagship – Jeanneau 64
Cruising Monohull 41-50ft – Italia 13.98
Cruising Multihull 31-40ft – Bavaria Open 40
Cruising Multihull 41-50ft – Bali 4.3
Performance Boat over 30ft – Gunboat G4
Cruising monohull 31-40ft – Marlow-Hunter 31
Small Cruiser – Dragonfly 25
Daysailer – Corsair Pulse 600
Performance Monohull under 30ft – Fareast 28R
Performance Multihull under 30ft – Whisper Foiling Cat

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