Are your guests and owners using your jetskis legally?

Have you ensured your guests will be using your jetski’s legally this Med season?

With the risk of fines and imprisionment in popular destinations like France and Spain for those using jetskis without a licence, it is no longer a matter that can be over-looked.


The relief is that there is an easy solution to this issue… the ability for your crew to train and licence guests onboard!


The ability to offer this service to your guests not only allows you to keep everything legal but also the ability to add to the safe use of the toys onboard.


The process is not a complicated one, you need to become an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) recognized teaching establishment which takes just a few simple steps.

·       Put together an operating procedures manual and safety policy for the use of the jetskis

·       Apply for RYA recognition

·       Have some crew members trained to become RYA Personal Watercraft (jetski) instructors

·       Complete an RYA inspection


Once these 4-steps are complete, you will beable to train and licence your guests, owners and crew members to use the jetskis whilst they’re onboard.


Superyacht PWC can offer assistance with the process of becoming a centre from organizing training with a RYA recognized centre onboard your vessel or at a land based site to writing your operating procedures manual; with over 15 years in the industry and 8 years specializing in this niche market we can ensure a hassle free process.


Crew instructor training:

Crew training can be run onboard your yacht or at a land based centre but must be run through an RYA training centre, we are linked with a number of training establishments who have a wealth of experience with running onboard training anywhere in the world.

Training duration:

·       RYA Personal Watercraft proficiency certificate; 1 day

·       Instructor training; 3 days


Consultancy service:

Having worked with a number of yachts over the years, and with consultants who are both qualified PWC trainers and inspectors we have established a smooth system for setting up vessel specific operating procedures manuals and safety policies that will meet the requiremets of the RYA.


Other services:

We also offer a number of other services from certified lifting slings, teaching aids to water toy sales.


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