What’s your USP?

After critically analysing recruitment procedures for yachts, the creative minds of Invisible Crew came up with the USP Profile. Over the last summer they have fine tuned the system and received overwhelming feedback.



“This makes my life so much easier and cuts down the time I usually have to free up to sift through dozens of CV’s which mostly don’t match the criteria I’m looking for.”  said Captain Klische of SY Artemis (ex Salperton).


The USP Profile is an addition to the classic CV + references. It offers crew a platform to show their Unique Skills & Personality. It allows recruiters to practically get to know the applicant within 13 minutes, the average time needed to read a USP Profile.



The USP Profile consists of 4 major items:

1. A short video presentation of the candidates allow the recruiter to see and hear them talk and offers a feel for their disposition.

2. The answers to 10 very concisely selected questions about the candidates career history and future ambition result in an interesting and informative cover letter.

3. The score of a skills test, developed by experienced industry professionals, assuring the candidate possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the job.

4. An amazingly accurate personality test offering insight in the candidates character and way of thinking.



“When several captains started asking us to profile their own crew in order to understand each others behaviour, improve interaction and create a strong team environment it confirmed the great potential we saw in the USP”  Says Jens Oomes of Invisible Crew.


As a result Invisible Crew now profilescandidates for Captains, Chief Stews and Managers who found their crew through other channels rather than Invisible Crew’s placement service at a fraction of the traditional fee.


“We are currently discussing a cooperation with a well established crew agency who’s registered candidates we will be profiling. We hope to announce that deal next month.”

Says Sheniz Carr of Invisible Crew



USP Profiling is an addition to our service portfolio of 100ft and under yacht crew management and short / long term placement on any size yacht. All our candidates are presented with their USP Profile of course.





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